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Don’t Spend Another Dime on SEM until you Launch a Customer Community


Published on, Customer Community is an Organic SEO Machine: Customer communities are natural engines for the natural, organic customer conversations that search engines love. An online community has the potential to generate millions of pages under your domain that contain content relevant to your brand using the language consumers are using to talk about your products and services. That, by the way, is the same language customers and prospects use when searching for solutions (as opposed to the one your internal team uses to talk about them). These community pages are natural and effective entry points to your website—especially when structured to optimize for search. In fact 15% of desktop community page visits and 30% of mobile community page visits originate from search. We'll talk about how we've seen online communities play a key role in SEO and offer a cost-effective alternative to paid keywords.

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Don’t Spend Another Dime on SEM until you Launch a Customer Community

  1. 1. Allowing Customers to EnterCommunity Conversations AnywhereSteven PalDirector of Consumer ProductsPeppe RagusaLaunch Director@steven_pal @pepperagusa@getsatisfaction #GetSuccess
  2. 2. @getsatisfaction 2#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaOptimize for Search Engines15%30%of desktop community visits arefrom search engines …… and mobile visits aredouble that withSEO is critical!
  3. 3. @getsatisfaction 3#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: KoodoSuccinct Title w/Keywords Domain Alias
  4. 4. @getsatisfaction 4#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: Koodo (cont’d)Link to community fromwebsite homepage
  5. 5. @getsatisfaction 5#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: Koodo (cont’d)Submit communitysitemap usingwebmaster tools
  6. 6. @getsatisfaction 6#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: Koodo (cont’d)
  7. 7. @getsatisfaction 7#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: Country Music AssociationSuccinct Title w/Keywords
  8. 8. @getsatisfaction 8#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: CMA (cont’d)Variation ofkeywords onpage
  9. 9. @getsatisfaction 9#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusaExample: CMA (cont’d)“CMA” and “Country Music Association”“Fest” and“Festival”
  10. 10. @getsatisfaction 10#GetSuccess @steven_pal @pepperagusa1. Edit conversation titles to be succinct with keywords2. Setup a domain alias to pass on link juice from your site3. Link to community from your website4. Submit community sitemap using webmaster tools5. Add keyword variations to conversationsOptimize for Search Engines