5 Signs Your Company Needs A Customer Community for Feedback and Support


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Get Satisfaction is helping companies reduce support tickets an average of 50%. Download this guide for support professionals, 5 Signs You Need a Community, to see if a community is the right solution to meet your needs!

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5 Signs Your Company Needs A Customer Community for Feedback and Support

  1. 1. 5 Signs You Need aCommunityA Guide for Support Professionals a publication of
  2. 2. A Crash course in communityThis guide is intended to help you identify whether or not your company is in need of a customer community…But what is a customercommunity? You remember the forums of the 90’s, right? Even before the adoption of social everything, consumers were turning to forumsto have threaded online conversations around the products, services, and companies that interested them. These were decent tools for thetime, but they were not optimized for easy navigability, resolution, or anything that didn’t require serious patience.The forum is not dead, but it has evolved into the customer community of today. As you’ve observed—first from forums, then with theadoption of social—consumers want to connect with each other and the brands they care about online. Communities provide a smartermethod to build this engagement in a way that provides your customers with navigable issue resolution, and provides your company withfeedback and insight that benefits departments across your organization.A customer community can bring value across your company—to reduce support tickets, improve SEO, drive product innovation, andidentify Champions you can leverage for customer-created marketing content. But how do you know if one is right for you? Read on to learnthe 5 signs… 5 Signs You Need a Community. A Guide for Support Professionals 2
  3. 3. 1. Your Business and Your Customer Base Are Growing, and you want to continue to deliverexcellent supportA customer community is a great tool to scale support as your business is growing. Community-based support provides a great customerexperience since it allows them to get answers quickly, form real relationships with your company and fellow customers, and provide youwith real-time feedback. Because Get Satisfaction also cuts down support tickets dramatically (an average of 50%, for the data loversamongst you), it’s a great tool to keep support costs and workloads manageable while still building great customer relationships. 5 Signs You Need a Community. A Guide for Support Professionals 3
  4. 4. 2. Your support agents are overwhelmed with ticketsWe already mentioned that a Get Satisfaction helps our customers cut support tickets an average of 50%. Wondering how? We helpsupport agents rise above the flood of tickets by connecting customers to them, one another, and (most importantly) tons of great contentin the community. Community content ranks extremely well in search, so customers can self-serve their own answers easily, whetherthey’re looking for them in your community directly or using a search engine. And it connects them to each other and your employees forcollaborative, social support. If the answer to their question is not already in the existing repository, and a fellow community member can’tanswer it, then (and only then) does your support agent get involved to solve it. Once that happens, the answer will exist there permanently,gathering page views and acting as a resource for people who will have the question in the future.3. You get too many repetitive questionsYour support agents know your product inside and out. It’s ironic, then, that they spend the bulk of their time answering the same,repetitive questions over and over again. Get Satisfaction searches your entire community before letting someone post a new question. Itpoints them to similar content that already exists, so they’re often able to find the answers to their question immediately, and your agents arespared having to answer one-off repetitive questions. This frees them up to deal with complex problems, allowing them to be more effectiveand your customers to be more satisfied.4. You don’t have a Knowledge Base (KB) or enough staff to constantly update itYou want to provide your customers with up-to-date, official information, but if your product changes quickly or your team is small it can beparticularly challenging to do so. By using a customer community, you can leverage your customers to help you have the most up-to-date KB possible. Information about workarounds for bugs that you might not even know existed will pop up because of the collaborativenature of community. Just mark customer responses as “official,” and they will become a part of your living, breathing KB.This can exist in a vacuum, or it can work to compliment your traditional KB. Get Satisfaction offers federated search, which pulls from allyour knowledge repositories to provide customers with the best of your social and static information. This provides your customers with“official” commentary, as well as community content which is oftentimes more timely. 5 Signs You Need a Community. A Guide for Support Professionals 4
  5. 5. 5. You have great support content, but no one can find itYou can have the best content in the world, but unless people are finding it, it doesn’t mean anything. You want to make sure you’re showingup in search for the keywords and phrases that people are actually searching for (hint: this is typically different than the internal languageyour team uses to refer to your products, features, and bugs).A Get Satisfaction customer community is uniquely structured to help its communities rank well in search. The URL of each community topichas the company name in it, as well as the topic title phrased in the words of the person who asked the question. That means that each link ishighly optimized for the company name and the natural, organic language that customers are using to ask questions and report problems.Also, Get Satisfaction is home to 70,000 communities. Because of the sheer size of the network, as well as the extent of customer-generated content and engagement that takes place there, search engines are constantly crawling the entire Get Satisfaction platform. Anduser-generated content is viewed as authoritative by Google, so it ranks particularly well. Once a topic is posted, it’s likely to startshowing up in search almost immediately.Launch a customer community to help bring customers to support answers, product reviews and praise, and company information. Embedit in your website and landing pages to improve the search rank of those pages. And bring praise and FAQs people ask you in social networksinto your community to make them long-lasting resources that will discoverable long term for other customers and prospects.There you have it. If one or more of those signs rings true for you and your company, a Get Satisfaction customer community will help youscale, provide better, more up-to-date support while reducing costs and tickets, and improve your SEO. Interested in learning more about how a Get Satisfaction customer community can help you acquire more customers, drive product innovation, and deliver excellent, low-cost social support? CALL: 877-339-3997 to schedule a demo, or visit us at https://getsatisfaction.com/corp/solutions/index 5 Signs You Need a Community. A Guide for Support Professionals 5