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Experience the enchanting kerala backwaters


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Experience the enchanting kerala backwaters

  1. 1. Experience the enchanting Kerala BackwatersWant to spend some time in peace and tranquility in midst of nature? Then the backwaters inKerala are waiting for you. It is a world of wonderment and serenity. The backwaters of Keralahave a beautiful ecosystem. The coastal parts of Kerala are interlinked with the waterways,rivers, inlets of the seas and various other water bodies. These are the perfect destinations forpeople to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Kerala tour in the backwaters will letyou enjoy the serene atmosphere created by the scintillating surroundings.The vistas created in the backwaters in Kerala by the stretch of swaying coconut trees, thewonderful fragrance of the spice and the paddy fields, the life of the locales in the coastalregions and the ayurvedic treatments attracts hordes of people from different regions of theworld. The unique species of aquatic life, varied animals and birds are housing in thebackwaters of Kerala. The Kerala Backwaters are wonderful destinations for the newlywedcouples as well. The beautifully done houseboats in the backwaters and a cruise on it will taketo the world of fantasy.
  2. 2. Cochin BackwaterCochin backwater is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Nothing seems to moreinteresting and enchanting than having a boat ride or a cruise in the backwaters of Cochin. Youwill definitely fall in love with the place.KumarakomAn enchanting backwater destination in Kerala, Kumarakom offers its visitors cluster ofbeautiful leisure options. Fishing and boating are widely enjoyed by the visitors in the bluewaters of the Vembanad Lake in the Kumarakom. Lotuses and water lilies with exotic species ofbirds coming from the nearby sanctuaries adorn the lake with their presence. Nature hasblessed this place with perfection at its best offering a picturesque landscape and scenicbeauties.
  3. 3. KollamA cruise from Kollam to Alappuzha is one of the magical rides which you can avail in thebackwaters of Kerala. While in a trip to this place, you will also have the pleasure of visitingsome famous historical sites and temples.ThiruvallamThe backwater famous for canoe riding, Thiruvallam offers mesmerizing views and sereneatmosphere. It is located in the Thiruvananthapuram, this destination promises magicalexperiences. Float along houseboats and visit the local fishing areas away from the humdrumsof city life. You will flow with nature and its beauties. The exotic aquatic animals, birds, flowersfound in abundance in this backwater will make you feel good and enjoy their beauties.
  4. 4. Come and enjoy the beauty of backwaters in Kerala!
  5. 5. The beautiful land of India has lots to offer its visitors. A tour to Kerala in India holidays willtake you to some wonderful locations where you can enjoy your life to the fullest.