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Also known as Jagannath Puri, Puri is the coastal town in the Indian state of Odisha. One of the most revered religious centre in Odisha being frequented by religious devotees and tourist is none other than the Jagannath Temple.

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Discover jagannath puri

  1. 1. Discover Jagannath Puri…!!!Also known as Jagannath Puri, Puri is the coastal town in the Indian state of Odisha. One of themost revered religious centre in Odisha being frequented by religious devotees and tourist isnone other than the Jagannath Temple. This temple dedicated to Jagannath, Lord of theUniverse has great religious significance and is considered as an important pilgrimagedestination. It is due to the existence of this sacred temple, a part of the Char Dham, Puri isreferred to as a Holy city in the mystical land of India. A visit to India is not completed withoutvisiting this coastal region.According to legends, it is said that an image of Lord Jagannath was found under a fig treewhich impressed a King so much that he decided to erect an idol of the Lord on that site.Though the actual origin of the temple in not clearly known. There are numerous smallertemples and shrines within the temple complex which sprawls over an area of 400,000 squarefeet and surrounded by a high fortified wall. With its richness in sculptures and fluidity of Oriyastyle of architecture, Jagannath Temple is one of the most magnificent monuments of India.
  2. 2. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, this coastal region of Puri offers the visitors plethora of touristattractions apart from the sacred Jagannath Temple. It includes an array of beautiful temples,rich cultural heritage, sandy beaches and exotic wildlife. In fact, the whole of South India ispopular among the masses for the ancient and medieval temples. Tourists from differentregions of the globe flock to this town in Odisha to enjoy the beauty of the place by visiting thetemples, beaches and other sightseeing options.Endowed with one of the best beaches suitable for swimming in India, Puri is also a popular as abeach resort. The unique geographical position of the place allows the visitors to have anamazing experience. The pleasure of witnessing the sunrise and sunset on the beach gives thevisitors mesmerizing effects. It is a rare opportunity only available in few coastal regions ofIndia. Thousands of people are seen crowding in the beach from morning till evening to witnessthis rare pleasure. In the Puri beach, sea shells are collected in large numbers which serves asthe main wealth of the beach. The different types of fishing boats made of solid tree trunkswhich are enormously heavy are seen adorning the beach. On this amazing site, Puri Beachfestival is held annually and plays host to an array of beautiful sand art display. The variety ofsuperb pieces of art carved out from the sands adds delight to the eyes of the discerningtravelers. The beauty of the sky in radiant colors, the roaring waves and golden sands alluresthe tourist a lot.
  3. 3. Other important attractions featuring in and around Puri are the large inland salt-water lake,Chilka Lake and the Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary. A visit to this wonderful destination in India willsurely give you some golden moments of your life.
  4. 4. There are large numbers of beautiful and famous tourist destinations in India which attractsthe tourist a lot. From beaches to temples, exotic wildlife, hill regions, heritage places, Indiaplays a host to variety of wonderful things. Make India holidays and explore all these.