Managing Projects on SharePoint - Rich Blank - July 2010


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PM 101
How Project Managers can optimize SharePoint
Dashboards for Project Teams
Portfolio & Project Management with SharePoint 2010

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  • The agenda focuses first on some PM 101 to baseline our discussion today. Then the focus is on identifying the scope of project management for the individual to the enterprise at 3 levels: 1) Project Manager 2) Project Teams 3) PortfolioThe objective of this presentation is to help you understand how SharePoint can be leveraged as a platform to facilitate,enable, and support project management…
  • PM 101 – given the complexity and scope of the effort, more structure is typically required. However, even though organizations have a PMO or formal methodology, it doesn’t mean PMs follow the process or adhere to the standards, rules, and checklists. And in a lot of cases, it’s project management by exception and somewhat reactive --- in the case of PM Lights or PM by Accident.
  • No matter what tools you use;no matter what type of project you’re managing; no matter what the complexity or size or scope of the effort is --- there are generally some key activities ALL PMs seem to focus on. Not an exhaustive list…
  • PM 101 – given the complexity and scope of the effort, more structure is typically required. However, even though organizations have a PMO or formal methodology, it doesn’t mean PMs follow the process or adhere to the standards, rules, and checklists. And in a lot of cases, it’s project management by exception and somewhat reactive --- in the case of PM Lights or PM by Accident.
  • So how does a PM leverage SharePoint to manage projects?
  • Otherwise the context of the discussion gets lost in email. Resolutions and traceability is lost and not shared and not visible.
  • Each organization has its own unique methodology and process for managing projects. Some PMOs and processes/methodologies are more structured and mature than others. Maybe your organization manages by chaos, or by exception, or hopefully you have a more structured “enterprise” approach to portfolio & project management. While the “process” is generally well documented in most cases, the execution is often difficult to enforce as the systems don’t adequately enable/support the process to make workers more productive and efficient.
  • With SharePoint 2010 as the enabling platform, you’ll want to create a holistic vision of PPM for your organization. Combining project artifacts & content with data about resources, budgets, schedules, risks, issues, demand, etc… provides significant value to organizations at all levels. The underlying foundation is an information architecture that allows an organization to aggregate data and provide analytics & visibility of information at a project, program, or executive level view.
  • Managing Projects on SharePoint - Rich Blank - July 2010

    1. 1. “Managing Projects on SharePoint”Charlotte Area SharePoint User GroupJuly 21, 2010Rich<br />
    2. 2. About the Speaker<br />Rich Blank, MBA, PMP<br />Managing Consultant, NouvEON, Charlotte, NC<br /><ul><li>eMail:
    3. 3. LinkedIn:
    4. 4. Blog:
    5. 5. Twitter:
    6. 6. Facebook:</li></ul>Experience<br /><ul><li>Strategy & Deployment: Over 15 years consulting, managing projects, & evangelizing collaboration, knowledge management, ECM, and solutions/information architecture.
    7. 7. Prior Speaking Engagements: most recently 2010 SharePoint Summit and previously related IT/Business Alignment Conferences
    8. 8. Technology: Microsoft SharePoint, eRoom, Documentum, Lotus Quickr, Connections, Notes among the many competing portal, collaboration and ECM platforms.
    9. 9. Certifications: MBA, Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma Green Belt.
    10. 10. Past Positions: Previous Sr. Consulting roles at IBM, EMC, KPMG, HP.</li></ul>A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />2<br />
    11. 11. NouvEON.A “New Era” in Consulting Services<br />Serving Fortune 1000 & Mid-market companies,NouvEONis an employee-owned management consulting firm that delivers high-value solutions with 100% Referenceability. We are differentiated by our Employee Owned Network (EON), quality to cost value, referenceability, and experience. NouvEONpassionately delivers value to our clients, employee owners and partners through our Practices and Knowledge Domains.<br />Practices<br />Financial<br />Services<br />Energy &<br />Utilities<br />Raleigh<br />Charlotte<br />Organizational Change<br />Knowledge Domains<br />Systems Integration<br />Delivery Management<br />NouvEON’s Value Proposition:<br />Strategy<br />Process Excellence<br />NouvEON<br />6100 Fairview Road, Ste 560<br />Charlotte, NC 28210<br />704.944.3155<br />3<br />
    12. 12. Agenda: Managing Projects On SharePoint 1-2-3<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />4<br />3. Portfolio (& Project)<br />Management<br />Enterprise<br />2. Project<br />Teams<br />Scope of Effort<br />1. Project <br />Managers<br />Individual<br />Level of Complexity<br />PM 101<br />Low<br />High<br />
    13. 13. PMI 101: Complexity = Need for Structure<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />5<br />Project “Categories”<br />Structured<br />Unstructured<br />Project Management by Accident (Not PMP certified, ad-hoc, email, XLS, Word, etc…)<br />Project Management “Light” <br />(issues, tasks, charter, requirements, deliverables, etc...)<br />Project Management<br />Formal Methodology<br />(following a recognized methodology such as PMI, Six Sigma, Agile, Waterfall, etc…)<br />Project Management Mature Lifecycle (PMO Project Mgt Office, Phases, Toll Gates, Optimization, Earned Value, ERP integration, etc…)<br />
    14. 14. PM 101: Project Management Key Activities<br />Project Initiation<br />Kickoff Meetings<br />Stakeholder Management<br />Status <br />Communications<br />Project Schedule and WBS<br />Issues<br />Risks<br />Change Control<br />Budget/Financials<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />6<br />
    15. 15. PM 101: Current Tools<br />Email<br />MS Project<br />Excel<br />Word<br />File-shares<br />Vanilla (TB)<br />SharePoint Sites<br />Project Svr 2007<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />7<br />Overload<br />
    16. 16. PM 101: Current Challenges Managing Projects<br />“eMail Jail”: held hostage by our inboxes<br />Methodology: exists but not followed<br />Communication: ineffective, missed, or lack of<br />Time and Distance: across time zones and geography<br />Artifacts: Poor organization of project relation information & artifacts<br />Visibility: Lack of important metrics, issues, discussions, risks, etc…<br />Priorities: Competing priorities (synchronous meetings)<br />Multiple Systems: Duplicate entry across systems/documents, lack of a unified platform for portfolio, project, and collaborative document management<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />8<br />
    17. 17. PMI 101: Right Tools for the Job<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />9<br />Structured<br />Unstructured<br />Project Management<br />Formal Methodology<br />Project Management Mature Lifecycle<br />Project Management by Accident<br />Project Management “Light” <br />Out of the box (OOTB) “vanilla” SharePoint sites<br />MS Project Professional MS SharePoint Server (site templates or customized sites)<br />MS Project Server<br />MS Project Professional<br />MS SharePoint Server<br />Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook<br />
    18. 18. How Project Managers can leverage SharePoint?<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />10<br />3. Portfolio (& Project)<br />Management<br />Enterprise<br />2. Project<br />Teams<br />Scope of Effort<br />1. Project <br />Managers<br />Individual<br />Level of Complexity<br />Low<br />High<br />
    19. 19. Tip #1: Manage Lists in SharePoint (not documents)<br />PM Activities<br />Risks<br />Issues<br />Requirements<br />Contacts<br />Communications<br />Tasks<br />Milestones<br />Change Requests<br />Checklists<br />Test Cases<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />11<br />SharePoint Site Structure<br />Sites<br />(intranet pages, wikis, blog, team, document, meetings)<br />Lists<br />Document libraries, calendars, discussions, surveys, custom…<br />Items<br />Folder, Files, events, contact, customer, image, custom<br />Sub-Sites<br />If you have a table in a Word Document, or are using Excel to manage ANYTHING, consider creating a SharePoint List. If you do use MSWord, reference the URL Link to the SharePoint list inside the Word document. <br />
    20. 20. Lists that Belong in SharePointExample: BRD Word Document<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />12<br />Redundant tables of information filled out in multiple project artifacts.<br />
    21. 21. Lists that Belong in SharePointExample: Risk Matrix as Viewed in Excel<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />13<br />
    22. 22. Tip #2: Track Status in SharePoint (not Word)<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />14<br />Think of Word <br />and Excel as <br />FORMS<br />that easily <br />translate into <br />SharePoint Lists!<br />Stop filling out <br />MS Word <br />Status Reports!<br />
    23. 23. Tip #3: Organize Project Artifacts (Doc Libraries)<br />Documents<br />Deliverables<br />Budget<br />Statements of Work<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />15<br /><ul><li>Use Versioning, Approval, Checkin/out.
    24. 24. Understand what a content type is and create them.
    25. 25. Views = Filtering
    26. 26. Folders = Browsing
    27. 27. Use Views vs Folders where possible (and if you do use folders, only 1-2 levels deep).
    28. 28. Use METADATA! Learn how to create new columns in a SharePoint document library.
    29. 29. Learn how to create views and display relevant columns like “checked out to” and version.</li></li></ul><li>Tip #4: Direct Discussions to SP (Away from eMail)<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />16<br />Make the Issues List a Discussion in SharePoint (vs. a custom list). Threaded discussions in SharePoint provide context around issues and save time digging through your email inbox.<br />
    30. 30. Tip #5: Customize the Quick Links!<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />17<br />Make it easier for team members to find project artifacts, deliverables, issues, contacts, etc..<br />
    31. 31. Tip #6: Use Project Calendar<br />Many times meeting agendas and attachments change which create multiple calendar updates via Outlook email.<br />Instead: Use Outlook to send a URL to the SharePoint Team Calendar event with all the attachments and agenda.<br />This will force team members to use SharePoint to access information for the meeting.<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />18<br />
    32. 32. Tip #7: Alert Feature & Experiment with Workflows<br />Use the OOTB SharePoint Alert Feature to notify you immediately, daily, nightly of changes to lists you care about.<br />Learn the 3 Step OOTB SharePoint workflow or more complex conditional logic workflows with SharePoint Designer.<br />Automate recurring PM processes.<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />19<br />Example:<br />Issues List or <br />Change Control List<br />
    33. 33. How do Project Teams better leverage SharePoint?<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />20<br />3. Portfolio (& Project) Management<br />Enterprise<br />2. Project<br />Teams<br />Scope of Effort<br />1. Project <br />Managers<br />Individual<br />Level of Complexity<br />Low<br />High<br />
    34. 34. From Central Repository to Project Dashboard<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />21<br />Share reports, status, metrics & dashboards, synchronize calendars, team events, consolidated discussions, and assign tasks<br />Manage project artifacts, documents with metadata, search, check-in/ checkout, and document versioning<br />Lists<br />Deliverables<br />Dashboard<br />Store<br />Share<br />PMO<br />Team Members<br />Track<br />Track project issues, risks, and project-related project artifacts<br />PM<br />Executives<br />
    35. 35. Project Management Dashboard for Teams<br />Charts<br />KPIs<br />Red, Yellow, Green Status<br />Milestones<br />Issues & Risk Tracking<br />Financials<br />With Dashboards, generally less busy is better.<br />Think about the ability of the team, corporate culture, and the audience.<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />22<br />
    36. 36. Example: Milestone Dashboard<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />23<br />
    37. 37. Example: PM Dashboard<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />24<br />
    38. 38. Example: Executive Dashboard<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />25<br />
    39. 39. Third Party Project Management Enhancements<br />Some dash boarding can be done OOTB (or check codeplex for web parts)<br />Several vendors offer Project Management Solutions on SharePoint (basic web parts and site templates to enterprise integration with Project Server or “cloud” hosted solutions):<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />26<br />
    40. 40. 3. Portfolio & Project Management<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />27<br />3. Portfolio (& Project) Management<br />Enterprise<br />2. Project<br />Teams<br />Scope of Effort<br />1. Project <br />Managers<br />Individual<br />Level of Complexity<br />Low<br />High<br />
    41. 41. Formal or Mature Portfolio & Project Mgt (PPM)<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />28<br />A Typical Organization: “Mature PMO Lifecycle” Illustrative Example<br />
    42. 42. SharePoint & Project Server 2010: Unified PPM<br />Synch to SharePoint<br />Sites<br /> Demand Management<br />Communities<br />Composites<br /> Portfolio Selection<br /> BI & Reporting<br />Content<br />Insights<br />Resource Management<br /> Project Team Collaboration<br />Search<br />The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web<br />Schedule Management<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />29<br />
    43. 43. MS Project Server 2010 Illustrative Example of Resource Analysis<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />30<br />
    44. 44. MS Project Server 2010 Illustrative Example <br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />31<br />
    45. 45. Microsoft Project Professional 2010<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />32<br />
    46. 46. Synch MS Project Pro 2010 to SharePoint<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />33<br />Project Schedules on MS Project Professional Client can be synched to a SharePoint task list.<br />Project Resources can enter updates in SharePoint.<br />Create out of the box charts and dashboards with SP 2010 default web parts.<br />
    47. 47. Project Professional 2010 “TimeLine View”<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />34<br />
    48. 48. Vision for Unified PPM (Portfolio & Project Mgt.)<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />35<br />
    49. 49. Wrap-up: 3 Things to Remember<br />Project Managers – 7 Tips for SharePoint PM<br />Teams – Repository to Dashboards<br />Portfolio & Project Mgt – MS SharePoint Server and MS Project Svr 2010 <br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />36<br />
    50. 50. Questions?<br />NouvEON. A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />On The Road with NouvEON and InCentric Solutions!<br />Join NouvEON and InCentric on the road with SharePoint 2010 August 2-6th. With Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 as your business collaboration platform, you can empower your people to work together more effectively. Learn how SharePoint 2010 can help your business. <br /><ul><li> August 2, 2010: Richmond, VA
    51. 51. August 3, 2010: Raleigh/Durham, NC
    52. 52. August 5, 2010: Greensboro, NC
    53. 53. August 6, 2010: Charlotte, NC (8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte Campus)</li></ul>Register at:<br />NouvEON<br />6100 Fairview Road, Ste 560<br />Charlotte, NC 28210<br />704.944.3155<br />37<br />
    55. 55. Reference Links<br />MS Project Server Home: <br /><br />MS Project 2010 Blogs:<br /><br /><br />2010 White Papers:<br />Demand Mgt:<br />Portfolio Strategy:<br />My SharePointPMP shared bookmarks on Delicious:<br /><br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />39<br />
    56. 56. Portfolio & Project Mgt System<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />40<br />Key Characteristics of a PPM System:<br /><ul><li>Integrated planning and scheduling
    57. 57. Baseline budget & schedule, and change control
    58. 58. Provides some capability for costing or Earned Value
    59. 59. Frequent communication with the business/customer
    60. 60. Promotes a culture of transparency
    61. 61. Management of resources, control of action items and tasks
    62. 62. Manages project artifacts/documents
    63. 63. Ability to track issues, identify risks early and develop plans to mitigate
    64. 64. Provides analytics & metrics for aggregated reporting and BI
    65. 65. Maintainone computer systemfor teams to find all information</li></li></ul><li>Benefits of a Unified System that Enables PPM<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />41<br />
    66. 66. 64-bit<br />Project Server 2010 Requirements<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />42<br />
    67. 67. MS Project 2010 Comparison<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />43<br />
    68. 68. Comparison of 2010 MS Project Task Synch<br />A "New Era" in Consulting Services<br />44<br />