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Best Practices in                                           SharePoint SolutionsAndy Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....
Andy Moore is theA Stroll Down                                                                                            ...
Manager for SharePoint, that allow you toEnhancing The Use and                                                            ...
connections into the discussions. Of course,Activity Streams vs.                                                          ...
digital rights management (DRM), coupledThe Role of Collaboration                                                         ...
you need to make sure there are unique re-External SharePoint                                                             ...
Martin Garland hasSharePoint Information                                                                                  ...
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Social technology is changing how people communicate and share information both on the consumer Web and within the enterprise. In particular, activity streams (a.k.a. newsfeeds) are becoming a central focal point for users to engage in conversation and discussions. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all include activity streams and have quickly challenged traditional Internet discussion forums such as Yahoo Message Boards or Google Groups in the consumer space. Within the firewall, platforms like Microsoft SharePoint have been used to create discussion boards within team sites and portals. Like the consumer space, enterprise discussion forums are also seeing conversations shift to newer enterprise social software with microblogging and activity streams. So which is a better tool for capturing tacit knowledge and Q&A: discussion forums or activity streams?

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  1. 1. Best Practices in SharePoint SolutionsAndy Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 A Stroll Down SharePoint Lane SharePoint has emerged as the most successful and ubiquitous software tool of our lifetimes. However, it still isn’t everything it needs to be. A SharePoint “ecosystem” has evolved to make sure that your SharePoint deployment is as effective and productive as it can possibly be. Can SharePoint be a risk to your company? Yes. Can SharePoint also be an incredible cost-sink for your IT department? Yes. Can SharePoint also be the greatest collaboration, content management and productivity tool on the planet? . . .Steven Murphy, Metalogix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Enhancing The Use and Performance of SharePoint Right now we are experiencing an explosion of digital content previously thought unimaginable, with volumes set to grow from 1.2 zettabytes in 2012 to 35 ZB by 2020. We create and consume more content than ever before, and IT teams are expected to make that content highly available to meet business needs and keep workers as productive as possible. Microsoft SharePoint, with its ease of initial deployment, ease of use, range of features and low total cost of ownership. . . .Rich Blank, NewsGator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Activity Streams vs. Discussion Forums Social technology is changing how people communicate and share information both on the consumer Web and within the enterprise. In particular, activity streams (a.k.a. newsfeeds) are becoming a central focal point for users to engage in conversation and discussions. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all include activity streams and have quickly challenged traditional Internet discussion forums such as Yahoo Message Boards or Google Groups in the consumer space. . . .Prateek Kathpal, Accusoft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 The Role of Collaboration Tools for SharePoint Improving productivity is, on its own, one of the top business objectives shared by companies of all sizes, industries and geographies. Its direct correlation to a company’s ability to increase profitability has a compounding effect on its importance. One of the most cost-effective ways to drive productivity improvement initiatives is to increase collaboration across the enterprise, both internally among employees as well as between employees, partners and customers. . . .Mike Hugos, Center for Systems Innovation. . . . 6 External SharePoint Collaboration—Without Compromiseand Jose Almandoz, IntraLinks According to an article on ZDNet about SharePoint, more than 7.3 million new SharePoint users are added every year, making it a multi-billion dollar business for Microsoft. But can a business collaborate with external partners outside the firewall while ensuring complete security of its content? What viable solutions are out there? Mike Hugos, CIO and author of books about the topics of IT best practices and cloud computing, and Mike Lees of IntraLinks give us their insights. . . .Martin Garland, Concept Searching . . . . . . . . . . 7 SharePoint Information Governance That Works Every organization is unique in its requirements and approach to information governance. These variations increase as SharePoint becomes prolific in organizations of all sizes. Despite the rapid adoption of SharePoint, it has traditionally been used to solve collaboration, content and records management challenges at the departmental level, outside the view and control of a corporate IT function. While this gives departments control of their content. . . . Supplement to KMWorld July/August 2012
  2. 2. Andy Moore is theA Stroll Down publisher of KMWorld Magazine. In addition, as the editorial director of theSharePoint Lane KMWorld Specialty Publishing Group, Andy Moore oversees the content of the monthly “KMWorld By Andy Moore, Editorial Director, KMWorld Specialty Publishing Group Best Practices White Andy Moore Paper series,” in print and online, as well asA s everyone already knows, MicrosoftSharePoint has helped create an entire cot- added for emphasis) rather than having to respond to gaps in their toolbox.” assisting with the creation and content of several single-sponsored “positioning papers” per year. He is also the host and moderator of the populartage industry around itself. It would be as The Metalogix piece by Steven Murphy KMWorld Web event online broadcast series.though the automotive aftermarket—which also underscores the business value to be Moore is based in Camden, Maine, and can betook decades to develop—erupted overnight. gained from SharePoint: “Regardless of how reached at andy_moore@kmworld.comAn unprecedented business event. you use SharePoint, it gives you the freedom It’s prominently called the “SharePoint and flexibility to change your mind as business inconsistent regulatory compliance issuesecosystem,” somewhat spectacularly, and needs and goals change.” It’s a matter of deter- and non-declaration of records.”perhaps over-gilded. But the fact remains that mining a basic organizational platform—and Ugh.SharePoint wouldn’t have nearly the stature SharePoint fits that bill nicely—to “evolve into I like how Mike Hugos and Jose Alman-or market penetration if it weren’t for the the ECM of the future and be truly effective.” doz talk about SharePoint as a solid, but lim-many independent software vendors that SharePoint can become that common under- ited platform, especially for communicatinghave emerged to support it. pinning that “should include as much data as with people outside of your organization. Take, for example, NewsGator, whose possible from all parts of your organization.” Because, keep in mind, SharePoint was neverfocus on news feeds has led them to take the And to that end, he recommends migrating intended for that purpose. It has been alteredbest of that technology and apply it to the inher- much (if not all!) of your current content stores and jerry-rigged to do so, but that really isn’tent collaboration that imbues SharePoint. As into a common platform, such as SharePoint. its greatest strength: “SharePoint was neverRich Blank points out in his article, “When it “Evaluate why your current information silos, designed to operate beyond the firewall,” sayscomes to activity streams on SharePoint, the including file shares, legacy ECM systems and Mike Hugo. “You need the right add-onout-of-the-box social functionality of Share- departmental SharePoint deployments, exist because it doesn’t come out of the box as anPoint 2010 is limited when compared to across the organization.” Then “move content external tool.” Jose Almandoz adds, “MakingLinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.” He notes that from SharePoint and other systems, minimize SharePoint secure for external content sharingvendors (such as NewsGator, of course!) have can be extremely difficult. It has some weak- downtime and eliminate any impact on worker nesses, such as inadequate auditing and accessemerged to “address SharePoint’s limitations productivity.” reporting, file encryption, document lockingby building consumer-like social capabilities But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. As and protection limitations, and provisioningwithin the platform.” my friend Martin Garland from Concept and supporting a community of external Prateek Kathpal, of Accusoft, underscores Searching points out, SharePoint adoption is users... The challenge for CIOs with sizablethe need to assert management over the many not without peril. “Despite the rapid adoption SharePoint investments is to build on it as anpotentially random documents that can infect of SharePoint, it has traditionally been used to existing foundation.”a SharePoint site: “Despite the best-laid plans solve collaboration, content and records man-to document and enforce a logical, intuitive agement challenges at the departmental level,structure for an organization’s digital informa- outside the view and control of a corporate IT The Trouble With Tribblestion, many SharePoint sites become unwieldy function,” Martin writes. “While this gives As we’ve already gathered, SharePoint isfrom an end-user perspective; hard to navigate departments control of their content, it makes so ubiquitous in today’s organizations that itand full of homeless documents that could add information governance more difficult for the has developed not only an “ecosystem,” butincredible value—if only the right people knew IT staff, having no control of or insight into the also a language of its own. It’s like the Na’viwhere to find them.” The solution, Prateek content. From an enterprise perspective, this in the movie Avatar.insists, is an integrated, embedded viewer, so increases organizational risk, non-compliance One of the more common expressions isthat all those “homeless documents” speak in issues and the risk of data privacy exposures, “SharePoint Sprawl.” This refers to the unfor- tunate tendency of SharePoint websites—a common parlance... a lingua franca, if you and impacts decision-making. largely because they’re so easy to create—towill. And there are greater business advantages “The crux of the problem with infor- proliferate like the Tribbles in “Star Trek.”to be had as well. “Imagine a workforce with mation governance,” he continues, “is the Wonder what’s gotten me onto this sci-fi thing?the ability to collaborate on documents and inability to rely on end users to accurately Anyway, SharePoint Sprawl is surely one of itsprocess complete workflows without ever hav- and consistently add metadata to content least attractive attributes. The notion is that aing to leave their SharePoint site, download and process information according to SharePoint collaboration site can be created forspecialty software, search tirelessly through policies. Poorly designed and managed a relatively short-lived project. The problem is:email, or compile manual versions of team- repositories of content result in multiple nobody ever tidies up afterward. So you havemember markups. It’s easy to see why an versions of the same document and can all these forgotten websites, which dangerouslyorganization with an end-to-end document cause decision makers to find and rely on contain content, intellectual property, confi-management and collaboration solution in inaccurate data. Unmanaged Web servers dential matter... SharePoint Sprawl is a difficultplace can spend more time working with their running SharePoint can deliver unantici- and prevalent invasive species... sort of like...extended enterprise to innovate, (my italics pated results, such as security exposures, oh, never mind. TS2 KMWorld July/August 2012
  3. 3. Manager for SharePoint, that allow you toEnhancing The Use and move content from SharePoint and other sys- tems, minimize downtime and eliminate any impact on worker productivity.Performance of SharePoint Another important practice is to under- stand the information architecture, which includes how site collections, sites, document libraries and lists are organized within the SharePoint structure. Consolidating or By Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix upgrading to SharePoint 2010 presents an ideal opportunity to reorganize your SharePoint implementation and ensure thatR ight now we are experiencing an explo-sion of digital content previously thought could be a private cloud, a multi-tenant cloud, a hybrid cloud or some combination. your information architecture is future- ready for the next version of SharePoint.unimaginable, with volumes set to grow from Organizations often discover that their1.2 zettabytes in 2012 to 35 ZB by 2020.We existing information architecture for Controlling the Sprawl SharePoint is less than optimal.create and consume more content than everbefore, and IT teams are expected to make As business needs evolve, many organiza- With the availability of Microsoft Officethat content highly available to meet business tions will experience “SharePoint sprawl.” 365, SharePoint 2010 is in the cloud andneeds and keep workers as productive as pos- Whether an organization has adopted addi- SharePoint Online is poised to go main- tional SharePoint systems through a merger stream. Organizations are increasinglysible. Microsoft SharePoint, with its ease of or acquisition, inherited a number of looking to hybrid cloud environments thatinitial deployment, ease of use, range of fea- SharePoint platforms from various depart- leverage both SharePoint on-premises andtures and low total cost of ownership (TCO), ments, or simply didn’t adhere to a SharePoint Online or Office 365. There arehas quickly proven to be a solution that can SharePoint governance policy, SharePoint several business drivers for this, includingaccommodate the explosive data growth and sprawl can slow performance, bloat storage organizations that would like an easy way toconsolidation to help knowledge workers ef- systems and hold content captive. create an extranet for their customers or part-fectively collaborate and share data. While SharePoint freedom can mean dif- ners. The value is in the ability to share data Although the breadth of features and ferent things to individual organizations, between SharePoint on-premises and theirhigh user adoption have meant that many based on their own unique business needs, extranet. This allows extranet users to shareorganizations are now focusing on there are best practices that any organization data and collaborate with the organization’sSharePoint for their content management can employ. By implementing these simple, intranet users.needs, there are some content, migration, but important practices, any organization can Some organizations want to move to themanagement and storage barriers that must realize the full value of SharePoint as a truly cloud gradually because fully migrating tobe addressed before these organizations powerful and flexible ECM solution. the cloud might be a stretch goal. Contentcan fully achieve their goals. You may have One of these best practices is to freedom means being able to migrate somechosen SharePoint for a help desk applica- embrace growth. Ninety-five percent of of your content—maybe an office or ation, knowledge management or a host of digital content is unstructured data, which department—to the cloud without havingother things, but regardless of how you’re does not have a pre-defined data model and to move entirely off your on-premisesusing SharePoint, the content you put in is does not fit well into relational databases. servers. This gradual or granular type ofcritical and will continue to grow. SharePoint content creates BLOBs of migration allows organizations to signifi- Wouldn’t it be great to have the flexi- unstructured data associated with SharePoint cantly minimize risk while taking advan-bility to manage content the way your files (e.g., PDF files, images, Office docu- tage of the new cloud technology.organization demands, without the con- ments, etc.), that can significantly impact Another driver is geo-replication, whichstraints and barriers inherent in traditional your storage requirements. One approach to is the sharing of data between SharePointcontent management systems? overcoming this challenge is to move the servers in disparate locations. Using a You have the choice to embrace freedom unstructured BLOBs out of SharePoint’s product such as Metalogix Replicator forfor your content and maximize the full content databases and offload them onto a SharePoint, data from around the worldpotential of SharePoint by making it your mix of NAS, SAN or cloud storage plat- can be easily replicated, providing a better forms. By using products (one of which is experience for users who are located farsole enterprise content management (ECM) Metalogix StoragePoint) to externalize this from the on-premises servers or have lowersolution. By choosing to set your content BLOB content to less expensive storage,, your entire organization can embrace organizations often enjoy up to a 95% reduc- Regardless of how you use SharePoint,growth and expand its productivity. tion in SQL Server storage requirements. This freedom can mean upgrading from it gives you the freedom and flexibility to To evolve into the ECM of the future and change your mind as business needs andSharePoint 2003 or SharePoint 2007 to be truly effective, SharePoint should includeSharePoint 2010 (or soon Wave 15) to take goals change. T as much data as possible from all parts ofadvantage of the breakthrough features. It your organization. Before a consolidation Metalogix is a trusted provider of innovative manage-can take the form of SharePoint storage strategy is implemented, evaluate why cur- ment solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange andoptimization, by offloading unstructured rent information silos, including file shares, cloud platforms. We deliver high-performance solutionscontent known as binary large objects to scale and cost-effectively manage, migrate, store, legacy ECM systems (Google Apps,(BLOBs) from the underlying SQL Server archive and protect enterprise content. Metalogix pro- Documentum, eRoom, Exchange Public vides global support to thousands of customers anddatabase to less expensive tiers of storage, Folders, etc.) and departmental SharePoint strategic partners and is a Microsoft Gold Partner, aincluding the cloud. Many organizations deployments, exist across the organization. managed partner in Microsoft’s High Potential ISVare also looking to manage and move Be sure to consider SharePoint migration Group and a GSA provider. For more information pleasebetween on-premises and the cloud, which products, such as Metalogix Migration call 202.609.9100 or visit KMWorld July/August 2012 S3
  4. 4. connections into the discussions. Of course,Activity Streams vs. there is also Twitter—one big stream of dis- cussions where hashtags are used for context, uniqueness and filtering of news and conver-Discussion Forums sations of all kinds. Twitter has leveraged the speed of sharing and conversation making it a global destination for discussion and news. When it comes to activity streams on SharePoint, the out-of-the-box social func- By Rich Blank, Solutions Engineer, NewsGator tionality of SharePoint 2010 is limited when compared to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Vendors such as NewsGator address SharePoint’s limitations by building con- sumer-like social capabilities within the plat-S ocial technology is changing how peoplecommunicate and share information both on are all security trimmed. This means users without access to a forum or topic won’t see form. With both secure private streams and more public streams, NewsGator offers a richthe consumer Web and within the enterprise. it. Discussions in SharePoint can be accessed social user experience, filtering, enterpriseIn particular, activity streams (a.k.a. news- via a Web browser or users can send inbound Q&A, hashtagging, @targeting, ideas, newsfeeds) are becoming a central focal point for email to a discussion list or connect the and more. Enhancing the social computingusers to engage in conversation and discus- list to Outlook for easier participation. capabilities of SharePoint will create thatsions. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Attachments, rich text and embedded images “pull” of users into discussions that are occur-all include activity streams and have quickly are all included. SharePoint discussion ring within the stream.challenged traditional Internet discussion fo- boards leverage the platform’s “list” contentrums such as Yahoo Message Boards or model for storing content, adding custom Activity Streams Engage UsersGoogle Groups in the consumer space. Within fields, custom views, exporting and structur-the firewall, platforms like Microsoft Share- In the end, online discussions are only ing the categorization of discussion topics.Point have been used to create discussion as good as the people, information and Discussions in SharePoint also conform toboards within team sites and portals. Like the knowledge contributed to them. There branding theme/CSS changes made to theconsumer space, enterprise discussion forums are limitations to activity streams when site or portal.are also seeing conversations shift to newer compared to discussion boards. Some char- While discussion forums have stood theenterprise social software with microblogging acter, rich-text and single-attachment limi- test of time, today’s world of informationand activity streams. So which is a better tool tations are just a few. As a result, activity overload and social media has challengedfor capturing tacit knowledge and Q&A: dis- the user engagement model of discussion streams may not always replace discussioncussion forums or activity streams? boards. Social networking has introduced boards in every use case. For example, For many years, discussion forums activity streams as a single aggregated feed some heavily R&D-focused organizations(a.k.a. discussion groups, discussion of discussions. Streams offer an easier way might utilize traditional discussion boardsboards, message boards) have provided an for users to subscribe, find, post and con- for rich scientific or product place where people can post a ques- tribute to existing discussions. Gone is the Generally, any use case with requirementstion, receive responses, search, browse by hierarchical categorization of topics for for a more structured approach to Q&A ortopic, and subscribe to alerts via email. browsing. Social activity streams use knowledgebases might still find value inDiscussion forums actually date back to microblogging and hashtagging to provide discussion forums as opposed to microblogpre-Internet bulletin boards and Usenet context about topics, Q&A, knowledge discussions in activity streams. And we’llnewsgroups and subsequently evolved into being shared and trending topics. likely see online discussions evolve into athousands of public Internet sites offering hybrid approach of streams and discussiondiscussion capabilities seen today. forums that satisfy all use cases. It’s simplyDiscussion forums usually allow upload- The Challenge for Online Forums important to recognize that activity streamsing of multiple attachments to a post and Generally, people don’t have time today create a viral effect and “pull” of peopleare multi-threaded showing responses to browse a Web page showing a list of into online discussions making it easier forthree or four levels deep. They have little dozens of discussion topics. People are those that have questions to connect withrestriction on the number of characters “pulled” into a discussion by subscribing to those experts with the answer. Twithin a single post and offer rich text for- community events and following individu-matting options (e.g., bold, bullets, etc...). als all within their activity stream—a Rich Blank advises on social computing, collaboration & content management technology and strategy. He has stream they access on multiple devices published articles about collaboration and social busi- anywhere anytime. Activity streams simplyDiscussions forums: provide a much faster and more visible ness in and and is also a featured MS SharePoint expert and regular blog-A Less Restrictive and Secure Place means for users to engage. ger on He has spoken at events including 2011 Within the firewall, discussion forums As evidenced in the consumer space, back Social Media Summit, 2010 SharePoint Summit, andface different requirements than Internet in October of 2011, Facebook removed their Business and IT Alignment Conference and regionalforums including restrictions around securi- discussion tab altogether in favor of the activ- SharePoint User Groups. You can follow Rich onty and compliance. SharePoint discussion ity stream. Public discussion board sites such Facebook or Twitter @pmpinsightslists have some advantages as they leverage as Quora have also attempted to evolve the As a Microsoft Gold Certified and Depth Managedthe authentication, profiles and security discussion board to include an activity stream Partner, NewsGator delivers robust social technology tomodel of the underlying platform. as the engagement point for users. LinkedIn the enterprise with proven scalability and security.Discussion boards and posts all conform to Groups have exploded offering discussion Microsoft honored them as its 2011 US Partner of theSharePoint’s native security roles (e.g., capabilities with group level streams and Year. For additional information follow them on TwitterReader, Contributor, Owner, custom), and visibility of contributions that pull one’s @newsgator or visit KMWorld July/August 2012
  5. 5. digital rights management (DRM), coupledThe Role of Collaboration with the ability to burn-in redactions, there- by preventing an outside user from select- ing or otherwise revealing the underlyingTools for SharePoint text, ensures information security when dealing with documents, including sensi- tive data and/or intellectual property. DRM prevents information from being printed,Creating a Competitive Advantage modified, downloaded or saved by end users. By adding DRM control in combina- tion with redactions on the document, organ- By Prateek Kathpal, Vice President of Viewing Product Strategy, Accusoft izations remain in control of exactly what internal data external participants can see, and most importantly what they can’t see.I mproving productivity is, on its own, one ofthe top business objectives shared by compa- versions will be created simultaneously and will have to be merged by hand. Optimizing SharePoint Usagenies of all sizes, industries and geographies. Its An integrated viewing platform with col- Despite the best laid plans to document laboration capabilities, including annotations, and enforce a logical, intuitive structure for andirect correlation to a company’s ability to in- combined with SharePoint’s user tracking organization’s digital information, manycrease profitability has a compounding effect capabilities, saves time and costs by allowing SharePoint sites become unwieldy from anon its importance. One of the most cost-effec- employees to open any document type in an end-user perspective; hard to navigate and fulltive ways to drive productivity improvement embedded browser window, apply markup of homeless documents that could add incred-initiatives is to increase collaboration across and save the new version. Employees would ible value—if only the right people knewthe enterprise, both internally among employ- no longer need to have client licenses for file where to find them. An integrated viewingees as well as between employees, partners and format support, or use email to share infor- platform allows users to preview and selectcustomers, through the use of a standardized mation. In fact they wouldn’t even need to documents to work with, using SharePoint’sset of tools. minimize or leave the SharePoint site to get keyword search to find documents throughout Silos of knowledge and expertise are work done. the site. An embedded viewer allows users toinherent in every growing and diversified open those documents in a Web browser win-business, and they quickly become a drag on dow, without leaving the site.efficiency and expense. These can be over- Collaboration and Innovation Imagine a workforce with the ability tocome with the introduction of information Eric Reis, advisor to venture capital firm collaborate on documents and process com-management tools equipped with built-in or Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, states that plete workflows without ever having to leaveadd-on collaboration capabilities. SharePoint companies that practice “ferocious, customer- their SharePoint site, download specialty soft-is dominating the capture of market share in centric, rapid iteration,” in other words, that ware, search tirelessly through email, orthe information management space, and demonstrate an ability to drive innovation compile manual versions of team-membercollaboration-enabling add-ons are sure to through collaboration with the “extended markups. It’s easy to see why an organizationfollow. This article investigates some of the enterprise” (consisting not only of employees, with an end-to-end document managementcritical elements and benefits of instituting but customers and partners as well) will real- and collaboration solution in place can spendeffective SharePoint collaboration. ize the return on their investment in the form more time working with their extended enter- of market leadership. Standardizing on a com- prise to innovate, rather than having toControlling Costs mon, easily shareable file type, such as PDF, respond to gaps in their toolbox. Integrating aThrough Collaboration enables an organization to quickly share and powerful, fully featured viewing platform, as extend information, regardless of the original described above, with SharePoint takes you The need to control costs organization- file format in which a document was created. one step closer to realizing return—not onlywide is a key reason to implement collabora- Deploying a SharePoint-integrated viewing on your SharePoint infrastructure investment,tion within SharePoint. The economics of platform that enables any file type to be con- but also on your investment in employees,supporting document-sharing within the verted to PDF, either on demand or in batch partners, and customers. Tenterprise can be prohibitive, especially when mode, allows internal participants to worksupplemental individual licenses, per user, are seamlessly with their external counterparts to Prateek Kathpal is the founder of Adeptol, a softwarerequired to support file format-specific pro- drive product improvements that give the company focused on developing imaging applications,grams such as AutoCAD. Additionally, a soft which was acquired by Accusoft in 2011. He is currently organization a competitive advantage.cost that must be considered is the lag in pro- responsible for the viewing products strategy at Sharing proprietary or non-public infor- Accusoft. Kathpal founded Adeptol to create an enter-ductivity when employees have to switch mation with external sources, in the pursuit prisewide viewing platform and associated solutions, tobetween the document management portal of collaborative innovation, is often a pro- replace traditional thick-client products. Prior to found-and these individual applications to view posal that is met with some trepidation. ing Adeptol, Kathpal held senior positions within thedocuments. Enabling collaboration in real- Loss of intellectual property, exposure of content management division of EMC. He has alsotime using SharePoint improves the overall confidential strategies to the marketplace, worked with EMC Documentum, NEC, Sapient,speed of an end-to-end workflow, because all and even lawsuits arising from indiscreet Cognizant, JPMorgan Chase and other members have access to necessary information transfer to third parties are real Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, contentdocuments, including all versions of each factors. While information sharing is and imaging solutions as applications and softwaredocument. Emailing document versions back increasingly a critical factor for realizing development kits. Capture, process, store and viewand forth has a number of disadvantages— competitive advantage, the same data must images, documents and more. Features include thinnot only the wasted time between replies, but be reasonably protected. A platform that client, zero footprint and mobile viewing, barcode recog-also the possibility that several different includes user-level and document-level nition, OCR, image processing and forms processing. KMWorld July/August 2012 S5
  6. 6. you need to make sure there are unique re-External SharePoint quirements that no off-the-shelf solution meets. Why is a hybrid, cloud-based solution ideal to leverage your existing SharePointCollaboration—Without implementation? MH: The days of trying to connect every- thing in house to the outside world are alreadyCompromise over. The cloud-based skills allow us to be comfortable in a hybrid environment. But the IT professional needs to guide his company through the hybrid world right now. It’s already in existence. The real skill is in know- By Mike Hugos, CIO-at-Large, Center for Systems Innovation ing how to respond to it. and Jose Almandoz, EVP of Business Operations, IntraLinks JA: A cloud-based hybrid allows internal users to continue using their familiar Share-A ccording to an article on ZDNet aboutSharePoint, more than 7.3 million new externally. Internally, it provides a stable and scalable foundation for document sharing, Point-based platform and applications with lit- tle or no change. It also helps simplify identity management tasks and takes workload off ofSharePoint users are added every year, team collaboration, electronic forms and so- internal SharePoint servers. Too many peoplemaking it a multi-billion dollar business for cial enterprise portals. performing content searches and queries canMicrosoft. But can a business collaborate In addition, IT staff has been trained in its reduce performance.with external partners outside the firewall operation and support, and business peoplewhile ensuring the security of its content? have learned its user interface and depend on What are some of the additional securityWhat viable solutions are out there? Mike it for intra-company document sharing and benefits of a hybrid solution?Hugos, CIO and author of books on IT best content management. JA: For starters, virus protection—and filepractices and cloud computing, and Jose MH: The value of that knowledge pos- encryption beyond the firewall is vital. HackersAlmandoz, EVP of Business Operations for sessed by IT and line-of-business employ- can find a way into almost any system if theyIntraLinks, give us their insights. ees is incalculable—and it’s all on top of a are determined enough, but when a system’s company’s hard-dollar investment. But data is encrypted, that data remains secure. What are the key elements of a secure Integrated digital rights management iscollaboration solution? SharePoint was never designed to operate beyond the firewall. You need to have the also key, so IT departments can manage con- Mike Hugos: The right solution enables tent after a document has been distributed. Thisagile response, leverages but unburdens the in- right add-on because it doesn’t come out of the box as an external tool. helps ensure the user will not inadvertentlyhouse IT infrastructure, and comes with a lose or leak the model that creates predictable and re- JA: Making SharePoint secure for external content sharing can be extremely difficult. It Then there’s real-time monitoring: whichcurring costs, and lowers up-front investment. people are looking at what documents, for how Jose Almandoz: A proper solution needs has some weaknesses, such as inadequate au- long, and the ability to create audit reportsto provide external partners access to the same diting and access reporting, file encryption, from this information to meet compliance. Ad-tools and security beyond the firewall as document locking and protection limitations, ministrators also need to be able to managewithin it. At the same time, it needs to feature and provisioning and supporting a community document access and download privileges.a user interface that is familiar to internal users, of external users. These are assets that companies sometimesand intuitive to external users. The challenge for CIOs with sizable don’t realize they’re missing when they use Consumer-grade solutions sometimes lack SharePoint investments is to build on it as consumer-grade products such as Dropbox orthe enterprise security to achieve that integrity. an existing foundation, which is exactly Google. A good solution adds security, com- MH: There are also procedural and techni- how a platform like IntraLinks can serve as pliance and information governance capabili-cal parts to a good, secure collaboration an alternative: one that integrates seamlessly ties without requiring additional SharePointsolution. The technical part is assessing the abil- into SharePoint, but with that added secu- customization, or introducing a new interfaceity to encrypt and de-encrypt documents, and rity for external users. that internal users have to assign the right access to the right people. What is the cost of build versus buy on MH: When you have a well-architectedYou need to be able to determine who can read SharePoint externalization mechanisms? hybrid solution, you can focus on the APIscontent online, or read—and download—it. JA: IT departments work under tight that connect your in-house system with your Then there’s the procedural aspect. What budgets. They need an alternative that lets cloud-based apps. In that API, you have theis the “need-to-know” content? What are its them enjoy secure collaboration without opportunity to put in very comprehensiveparameters? Administrators need to be able to buying more servers or investing in cus- data screening and identity management. Theset parameters to provision and support users tomization. When a company uses Share- architecture that works in the hybrid envi-according to their organization’s information Point externally, they have to maintain ronment leverages the APIs as control pointsmanagement policies. those external collaborators. With that for data security. Why is SharePoint ideal, but also chal- comes thousands of dollars in IT costs. When I think about the importance of thelenging as a solution for external information With a cloud-based information sharing role this plays in the security scenario, I alwayssharing? solution, IT departments can rapidly out- think of the famous scene from The Graduate, MH: SharePoint is ideal because many source the support of external collaborators, where Mr. McGuire tells Ben, “I just want tocompanies already use it. It’s great to leverage and reduce costs. say one word to you... ‘plastics’.”what is already in place when working with MH: I always look first to see if there’s an In one word, I would say, “API”. Texternal users. off-the-shelf plug-in to meet my needs before IntraLinks is a leading provider of integrated Software- JA: It’s an ideal internal collaboration tool, going into custom coding—which is typically as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for secure internal/externalbut challenging for sharing information the most costly solution. If you take that route, collaboration.S6 KMWorld July/August 2012
  7. 7. Martin Garland hasSharePoint Information more than 20 years’ experience in search, classification and enterprise contentGovernance That Works management within the broader information management industry. He has focused on sales, marketing and By Martin Garland, President, Concept Searching general management, Martin Garland and has expertise in both startup andE very organization is unique in its require-ments and approach to information gover- primary building block in any information governance plan, which enables the proactive turnaround operations throughout Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. One of the founders of Concept Searching, he is responsible for both marketingnance. These variations increase as SharePoint management of content. strategy and North American and internationalbecomes prolific in organizations of all sizes. A sound information governance strategy operations.Despite the rapid adoption of SharePoint, it has includes enterprise search. Most end users aretraditionally been used to solve collaboration, unable to find relevant information to supportcontent and records management challenges at business objectives, resulting in the inability content as it is created or ingested. Clients arethe departmental level, outside the view and to find, reuse and repurpose information. The able to automatically secure sensitive informa-control of a corporate IT function. While this second building block in our framework is tion, declare documents of record and automategives departments control of their content, it insight. Regardless of the enterprise search workflow initiation, so comply with federalmakes information governance more difficult solution, the delivery of meaningful results regulations and reduce organizational risk.for the IT staff, having no control of or insight depends on the ability to effectively index and Within SharePoint, this includes the ability tointo the content. From an enterprise perspec- classify content and to develop taxonomies to automatically apply correct content types whentive, this increases organizational risk, non- better manage the content. The search engine organizationally defined descriptors andcompliance issues and the risk of data privacy itself provides the features, functions and vocabulary reside within documents.exposures, and impacts decision-making. interface while the classification structure The enterprise IT challenge is to continue delivers relevant results. Adding Social to the Mixto provide business benefits to end users A key component in any information gov-while maintaining a level of consistency and Social networking tools, which encourage ernance is governance itself. The overarching collaboration, can link employees, partners,control. A governance plan is necessary, but if enterprise governance structure allows staff toit is unrealistic or impractical to implement it suppliers and customers in order to share work in the most efficient and effective way information, are becoming useful tools forwill fail. It is essential to ensure that it deliv- possible by giving them access to informationers relevant content to its users in an effective business communication. The primary busi- assets in a controlled and secure manner. ness benefits of these collaborative and socialway, while protecting the enterprise from A key component is ease of use and trans-legal, regulatory and non-compliance issues. tools are also accompanied by inherent weak- parency. This building block consists of tools nesses. There are several concerns such asConcept Searching’s approach has resulted in that ensure information quality, maintain the security, unauthorized use and communicationthe development of the Smart Content lifecycle of information, address the retention noise. Enterprise 2.0 must be managed withinFramework, which complements our and disposition of records, secure and protect the information governance plan. This pro-SharePoint technology suite and addresses privacy, and establish standards when dealing vides structure and protects the organizationinformation governance and the tacticalbuilding blocks to implement in order to real- with information assets, including unstruc- from data exposures and reduces risk. Addingistically achieve objectives. This framework tured content. structure to these tools increases productivitywas developed to solve the challenges of A comprehensive approach for managing and enables knowledge workers to find correctinformation governance in SharePoint for information is necessary to ensure compliance information and collaborate with peers.organizations including the US Army with policies. This approach ensures consis- As you plan or augment your informationMedical Command, OppenheimerFunds, tency, is implemented transparently, improves governance plan, evaluate technologies that gainPerkins+Will, and the NASA Safety Center. recordkeeping, and enables the establishment control of unstructured content and run natively The crux of the problem with information of monitoring and auditing processes to ensure in SharePoint. In addition, look for vendors thatgovernance is the inability to rely on end users proof of compliance and data protection. have a proven track record in successfully solv-to accurately and consistently add metadata to Our fifth building block is policy. This ing information governance challenges incontent and process information according to building block includes the ability to identify SharePoint. A technology solution should lever-policies. Poorly designed and managed repos- records, privacy information and intellectual age features in SharePoint for sharing metadataitories of content result in multiple versions of assets, and fully automate the process to han- across multiple site collections and server farms.the same document and can cause decision dle the appropriate disposition of the content. The organizational role is to develop the rulesmakers to find and rely on inaccurate data. This includes discovering where the content and processes to adopt and enforce, and utilizeUnmanaged Web servers running SharePoint resides, cleansing the content through organi- the strengths of SharePoint, while maximizingcan deliver unanticipated results, such as secu- zationally defined concepts and descriptors, the value and minimizing the risk associatedrity exposures, inconsistent regulatory compli- identifying the relationships within the con- with information from within SharePoint, asance issues and non-declaration of records. tent and then defining the policies with auto- well as from diverse repositories. T At a fundamental level, enterprises strug- matic enforcement. Concept Searching software products deliver conceptualgle with managing content assets which Part of an information governance plan metadata generation, auto-classification, and powerfulstems from end users’ inability to accurately includes the proactive identification and protec- taxonomy management utilizing the Smart Contentand consistently tag content for search, reuse, tion of unknown privacy exposures before they Framework for information governance. Please contactrecords identification and archival purposes. occur, as well as monitor in real time organiza- us at for additionalAn enterprise metadata repository is the tionally defined vocabulary and descriptors in information. KMWorld July/August 2012 S7
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