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Digital Innovators' Summit 2019


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Editorial newsletters have become key for all publishing strategies – digital subscriptions, sponsorships, and ads

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Digital Innovators' Summit 2019

  1. 1. Digital Innovators’ Summit 2019
  2. 2. As publishers strive to diversify revenue streams, it's vital to cultivate more engaged and loyal audiences. Publishers struggle to monetize their online audience So many publishers think they have audiences, when what they really have is traffic. I think we’re about to find out who has an audience. Casey Newton @caseynewton 42 2001 704
  3. 3. Editorial newsletters are a great way to create an owned, loyal audience A way to get around Facebook Publishers keep control over their distribution and effectively reach their audiences in their inbox. People read more of your content Subscribers of newsletters are loyal readers. Newsletters are convenient for them. Email is personal Email has always been a more intimate and personal way to reach your audiences. Short and digestible Newsletters have a beginning and end, in contrast to the never ending stream of social media. Source: POLIS — Back to the Future- Email Newsletters as a Digital Channel for Journalism Easy and mobile People understand email, it’s easy and familiar. Everybody has an email app installed on their mobile phone. Less spam Email was very discredited because of spam. People feel that they have more control now.
  4. 4. Personal, editorial newsletters simply perform better TRADITIONAL EMAIL CAMPAIGNS Avg. open rate: 22% Avg. click rate: 4.7% EDITORIAL NEWSLETTERS Open rates up to 60% Email Marketing Benchmarks by MailChimp Editorial Email Newsletters - The Medium Is Not the Only Message
  5. 5. And newsletters are suited for sustainable revenue growth Traffic generation Clicks can boost total page views, supporting a publication’s broader business model. Affiliate Take commission on referrals to other sites, eg selling books or linking to Amazon. Events/communities Build a more direct relationship, foster loyalty and offer membership or events. Subscriptions Standalone newsletter subscriptions or as add-on to publisher’s subscription package. Source: Editorial Email Newsletters - The Medium Is Not the Only Message Advertising/sponsorships Sponsored newsletters, sponsored content or banner ads.
  6. 6. Audience building Casey Newton, Silicon Valley editor at Vox’s The Verge, writes a daily newsletter to build a loyal audience and boost traffic to support their advertising model. LINK The Interface by Casey Newton
  7. 7. Increase subscriptions Swiss Schaffhauser Nachrichten creates a loyal audience via newsletters to increase their broader business model: digital and non-digital subscriptions. LINK Das Beste der Woche
  8. 8. Advertising VentureBeat publishes multiple newsletters about specific topics (like AI, AR/VR, Marketing Technology, etc.) incorporating sponsors for the newsletter itself or sponsored content. LINK VentureBeat’s Marketing Weekly or or AR/VR Weekly
  9. 9. Paid newsletter subscriptions Fast Company launches a paid newsletter with premium content. The free version will also include sponsorships. LINK Fast Company newsletters
  10. 10. Techstars Revue is an editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers
  11. 11. Built with editorial teams in mind Techstars This is the email body copy. The text is set in 17pt SF UI Text. If you don’t have access to this font, use Helvetica Neue as a replacement. Enjoy, and have a great day! Download this at September 22, 2015 at 11:15 AM Issue is awaiting approval HidePhil DunphyFrom: CameronTo: Inbox (10) MDS 5:00 AM 100% Or log in to edit the issue yourself. Hey, Phil Dunphy requests approval to send their latest issue “Why you should send personal newsletters” to 1295 subscribers. You can view the issue here. If you believe this newsletter is ready to be sent, click approve. If not, hit reject (you’ll be able to give feedback). Approve Reject Organization: Techstars • Manage multiple newsletters • Built-in approval workflow • One consistent design for all your newsletters • Supports many business models
  12. 12. We help news, magazine and B2B publishers. Starred Sent Mail Drafts (1) Inbox (1) More Chandler Monica Geller I know How you doingJoey Tribbiani
  13. 13. Thank you! Want to receive this presentation? Send me an email at or leave your business card and I’ll send it over.