Uploading video to Moodle with MediaCore


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Uploading video to Moodle has always been a challenge. File size restrictions and different video file types present a barrier to educators who want to use rich, high-quality video as part of their Moodle courses.

By installing the new MediaCore Moodle 2.0 plugin, you can now upload large video files to your Moodle site with ease. Our plugin brings state of the art video encoding, delivery and playback technologies right within your Moodle site. Educators can now upload video and audio files up to 20GB in size, in any video format.

Videos will be automatically converted and securely streamed via MediaCore’s state of the art cloud infrastructure. As a bonus, the plugin will also let you easily embed YouTube videos into your Moodle site.

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Uploading video to Moodle with MediaCore

  1. 1. MediaCore and the Moodle Plugin A tale of two platforms
  2. 2. Why use the MediaCore plugin? The Challenge: Uploading media to Moodle has always been a challenge for educators keen to share rich, high quality videos as part of their Moodle Courses. Whether it was a restriction on file size, video types, or the need to deliver video to any device, uploading was a difficult and time-consuming process. The Solution: The Moodle Plugin - With the plugin adding video from MediaCore or your computer is easy! MediaCore excels at making video learning simple and the Moodle plugin brings that simplicity directly into Moodle.
  3. 3. Key Feature: Library ● Browse, search and securely embed media from your MediaCore library into Moodle in one click. ● Privately or Publicly embed videos from your library using MediaCore’s flexible permission schemes.
  4. 4. Key Feature: Upload ● Upload large video, audio, document or image files (up to 20GB) into Moodle to be stored in your MediaCore library. ● Automatically convert uploaded media into formats supported on devices including mobile, tablet and desktop.
  5. 5. ● Our advanced HTML5 player allows you to play HD video or audio on any Moodle page. ● Compatible with all modern desktop browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7-10). Key Feature: Playback
  6. 6. Take a Tour of the Plugin Click here to view the plugin in action
  7. 7. Tech Specs Content housed in MediaCore libraries is delivered by Akamai - a global network Akamai has over 120,000 secure servers deployed in 90 countries. These servers reside within approximately 1,900 of the world’s networks. MediaCore uses redundant storage with a rating of 99.999999999% durability. The service redundantly stores data in multiple facilities and on multiple servers within each facility. As your usage grows MediaCore will grow with you allowing you to store terabytes of data easily. MediaCore uses a state-of-the art HTML5 and Flash video players to ensure that you get an exceptional playback experience on almost any browser or mobile device. MediaCore uses a number of encryption and authentication technologies to securely store your private and confidential media content. Storage Media PlayersGlobal Distribution
  8. 8. Tech Specs Thanks to Resumable Uploads you will never need to start your uploads over again if your internet connection is lost or your browser times out. As soon as the internet connection comes back, your uploads will automatically resume from the point at which they were interrupted. MediaCore supports almost any file format such as: .MOV, .M4V, . MP4, .AVI, .FLV, WebM, . MP3, MPEG, .GIF, .JPG Click here to view an entire list of acceptable file formats. MediaCore’s document and image viewers provide a rich and interactive experience. MediaCore now supports uploading of PDFs, Microsoft Word (doc/docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt/pptx), and Microsoft Excel (xls/xlsx). Supported Formats Document ViewingResumable Uploads
  9. 9. Additional Information European Office +44 (0) 20 3355 1104 1st Floor, Watchmaker Court 33 St John’s Lane London, UK EC1M 4DB http://mediacore.com/plugins/moodle sales@mediacore.com @getmediacore North American Office +1 (877) 682 6655 #205 - 26 Bastion Square Victoria, BC Canada V8W 1H9
  10. 10. Mediacore.com/free Sign up for a FREE Educator Account and Test out our Moodle Plugin