The Best Video Resume Ever


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  • and one of the most difficult challenges job seekers face is how to stand out from the crowd during the job search process.
  • The Best Video Resume Ever

    1. 1. And How You Can Achieve Similar Results Without Spending $4000
    2. 2. Instructions: 1) Watch the video2) View/download the slides
    3. 3. Date: August 2011 He Didn’t Have a Ton of WorkExperience He Knew He Had to Do SomethingDifferent to Stand Out
    4. 4.  In 2011, Google received over 1.5 Million Job Applications That’s 500 applications PER JOB!You Have to be Extraordinary to Work at GOOGLE, NotJust Ordinary
    5. 5.  A Video for the Google Marketing Team Created a Website: www.GooglePleaseHire.Me $4000 - to Hire a Production Team Hilarious video, but serious pitch to get an INTERVIEW
    6. 6.  Got the Interview at Received Additional Interviews Offers Received Many Job Offers Including Ones From Fortune 500 Companies, and
    7. 7.  OVER MILLION Views Featured in All types of News
    8. 8.  No! But He Received Many Other Big Job Offers He Ended Up Accepting a Job at a Promising Start-up Click the Link at the End of This Video to watch Matthew Epstein explain the aftermath of his Video Cover Letter
    9. 9.  Matt’s #1 Goal: Get an Interview with Google All Those Other Interview Requests Were Nice, But Was Never His Focus His Focus Was On Only ONE JOB !!!
    10. 10.  You Have To Be Extraordinary To Get Noticed Video Is The Best Medium To Stand Out Demonstrate Verbal Communication Skills and Creative Marketing Ideas Your Voice Is A Powerful Selling Tool!
    11. 11.  Infographic Style Resumes Don’t Have The Same Impact Most Employers Like The Familiar Standard Resume Format Creative Resumes Are Harder to Scan They Don’t Incorporate Your Voice
    12. 12.  His Focus Was on One Job Create a Customized Message for the SPECIFIC EMPLOYER His Video Campaign Was All About Google
    13. 13. 1. Not Getting The Results You Want2. Create a Generic Video Resume3. Spray (or Post ) It To Hundreds of Employers and Job Boards4. Pray That Someone Will Respond To Your Video
    14. 14.  You Are Most Effective When You Are Focused on the Employer Tailored Communication Focus On 3-5 Jobs Do Your Research On The Company! Communicate: How You Add Value
    15. 15.  Could Matthew Have Been Successful With a Generic Video? Your Video Does Not Need to Be Funny To Be Successful Employers Aren’t Hiring Based On Your Comedic Skill
    16. 16.  You Don’ t Need $4000 to Create a Great Video Resume or Cover Letter You Can Easily Use Your Smartphone, Webcam or Screen-Recording Software to Create Awesome Videos Your Video Should be Short and Sweet (60-90 seconds)
    17. 17.  Today’s Job Search Is Extremely Competitive Employers Are Looking for Extraordinary People We Can Learn From Matthew’s Efforts and Apply Them to Our Own Job Search
    18. 18. Video Standard Get NoticedCover Text By + Letter Resume Employers
    19. 19. Tools Training TemplatesWITHOUT APPEARING ON CAMERA!
    20. 20. Click to Watch “Google, Please Hire Me”  Click to Watch Matthew’s  Aftermath Video Click to Watch“Why Video Works So Well” Click to Watch Video Resume Success Story on Ellen 
    21. 21. For More Information Please