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Published in: Technology
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Mac black bg

  1. 1. Assume you want to send a tax document over email Launch the app Drop and Lock Launch Finder
  2. 2. Drag and Drop the file over on the app You can select multiple files at once Status bar
  3. 3. Choose a password
  4. 4. Locked file is saved in the same directory Locked file ready to be sent to a receiver Locked file issaved in the same directory
  5. 5. Use your favorite email service/client to send the attachment Locked file is attached to the email
  6. 6. Password can be shared using SMS Use a differentmedium other thanemail to send the password
  7. 7. Receiver drags and drops the locked file on the app
  8. 8. Receiver is asked to enter the password Enters thepassword which was shared via SMS
  9. 9. File is unlocked Unlocked file ready to be viewed Unlocked file issaved in the same directory