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Out of Sight, Peace of Mind


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A look at the concerns, practices and hacks that will help you build, grow and succeed with a remote team - be the 200 or 2000 miles away.

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  • The presentation is “simplistic” in a positive way. In addition to being great on this site I believe your presentation is also ideal for live audiences. Why? Because each slide presents the main “simple” concept yet allows flexibility for the speaker to expand on it. Great presentation!!!!
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Out of Sight, Peace of Mind

  1. 1. OUT OFSIGHTPEACEOF MINDGregarious Narain
  2. 2. let me explain
  3. 3. S O M EASSEMBLYREQUIRED great teams make for great companies
  4. 4. #1 it’s almost impossible to hire
  5. 5. progress vs.people
  6. 6. think localact global
  7. 7. #2 determine if this is right for you
  8. 8. could we vs.should we
  9. 9. that depends
  10. 10. product definition
  11. 11. optimal specs designsrecommended time wireframes sketches ideas
  12. 12. product segments
  14. 14. culture
  15. 15. ABCs ofREMOTETEAMS everything you needto keep under consideration
  16. 16. A Assign Human Router(s)
  17. 17. B Broadcast Hearts & Minds
  18. 18. C All Countries Are Not Created Equal
  19. 19. D Design small tasks to test recruits
  20. 20. E Evaluate communication before skill
  21. 21. F Failure is normal, stick it out
  22. 22. G Give many tools a try, choose later
  23. 23. H Have a rigid process, then bend
  24. 24. Z ZERO communication is FAILURE
  25. 25. HACKINGTOWARDSSUCCESS little secrets to make your day a little easier
  26. 26. HiringHH Hacks
  27. 27. HH find the best designers by looking at what they like to do
  28. 28. HH find developers passionate about the type of project you are planning to build
  29. 29. ProductivityPH Hacks
  30. 30. PH central storage makes it possible for you to share a hard drive and get instant updates
  31. 31. PH annotate anything you can take a picture of and get feedback inline
  32. 32. CommunicationCH Hacks
  33. 33. CH naming#1 conventions develop a common language for describing things and use it EVERYWHERE
  34. 34. CH persistent#2 chat room keeping some form of persistent chat running will simplify staying in touch
  35. 35. CH cross-#3 publishing syndicate updates from all your apps to as many places as possible
  36. 36. THANK YOU Gregarious Narain @gregarious