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Hack the Hacker: Build Your Own Damn Legos


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Hack the Hacker: Build Your Own Damn Legos

  1. 1. Hack the Hack0rbuild your own damn legosby Gregarious Narain <> Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik
  2. 2. build blocks, not ballsblocks go together, falls make a mess Photo Credit: ladybugbkt
  3. 3. give it a RESTface it, REST is the BEST Photo Credit: liber(the poet)
  4. 4. be a super modelnothing’s easier than knowing where all the curves are Photo Credit: Projecte Senglar
  5. 5. don’t make me typewhy document.getElement() when you can just $() Photo Credit: toastytreat87
  6. 6. be a drawererif you can’t draw it, how can you code it? Photo Credit: mumblion
  7. 7. the password is passwordyou’re only half as secure as you think you are Photo Credit: Richard Parmiter
  8. 8. build your own mafiathey’ll cover your ass, for a price Photo Credit: joluka
  9. 9. only ask stupid questionsedge cases are for edge people Photo Credit: dullhunk
  10. 10. situation normal, all fucmake sure that you know that i know what went wrong Photo Credit: emerille
  11. 11. HA HA HA HAHA HA HAyou thought this shit was gonna be easy? Photo Credit: Swami Stream
  12. 12. </end>I’m Gregarious. More at