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Central Film School – Your Gateway To Filmmaking Industry


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Central Film School – Your Gateway To Filmmaking Industry

  1. 1. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 PHOTO GALLERY CENTRAL FILM SCHOOL – Who We AreCentral Film School is one of the leading film training institutes in London. We offer outstanding practical training to students who are serious in taking their skills in filmmaking to a professional levelWe are known for offering students a platform where they can write, shoot, direct and edit their films with right knowledge & approach in filmmaking Located in the heart of city’s creative quarter, our students are taught by the well known film industry experts
  2. 2. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 Why CENTRAL FILM SCHOOL? PHOTO GALLERY• We are familiar with the rapidly changing world of film and television production hence we incorporate the best• Ours is the only film school known for delivering practical training in cinematography across major formats• We are known for using emerging technologies with working industry professionals as tutors• We are the only film school running our Industry Showcase at BAFTA
  3. 3. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 What We Can Offer? PHOTO GALLERY• Full film budgets including processing and stock; no hidden costs• Specialised facilities with completely air-conditioned studio• Free One Year unlimited Cinema Pass to full-time students• Great exposure and opportunity in film direction and film writing• Multi-disciplinary training• Residential experience in filmmaking (included in fee) & hands-on training in filmmaking• 12 months free rental of professional equipment after completion of graduation• Guidance and advice on finding you a suitable accommodation in London
  4. 4. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 Our Courses PHOTO GALLERY Industry Filmmaking Diploma Professional Screen directing Diploma Applied Screenwriting Diploma Certificate one Month Intensive courseFilm directing Intensive 10 week courseCinematography Intensive short coursePractical Film Producing short CourseSecrets of screen acting weekend course
  5. 5. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 Checklist Before You Apply PHOTO GALLERY• Course dates and fees• Full-time courses• Short courses• Terms & conditions
  6. 6. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060Our Screening Room - Highlights• Screening of our students’ Films PHOTO GALLERY• Films produced at Central Film School London• Full-time directing Course video
  7. 7. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 Our Accreditations PHOTO GALLERY• ASIC - The Accreditation Service for International Colleges• British Home Office/ UK Border Agency - Tier 4 Approved• We have already received a confirmation about Quality Assurance Agency ( for Higher Education scheduling for educational oversight Review.
  8. 8. CALL:0044 .(0).207.377.6060 Central Film School London PHOTO GALLERY 3rd Floor, Universal House 88-94 Wentworth Street London E1 7SA United KingdomTel: +44 (0) 207 377 6060E-mail: contact@centralfilmschool.comVisit: