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Are You Infected With Excusitis


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Have you ever met anyone diagnosed with
Excusitis? Better yet, have you ever heard of
Excusitis? Well….let me share some facts with you.
Excusitis is what we call the ‘failure disease’.

This is a real disease that only when you study the
difference between successful people and unsuccessful
people, it’s discovered. It’s a mind deadening thought disease.

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Are You Infected With Excusitis

  1. 1. Are You Infected With Excusitis? Christopher Harold
  2. 2. Have you ever met anyone diagnosed with Excusitis? Better yet, have you ever heard ofExcusitis? Well….let me share some facts with you. Excusitis is what we call the „failure disease‟.This is a real disease that only when you study thedifference between successful people andunsuccessful people, it‟s discovered. It‟s a minddeadening thought disease. Every failure has thisdisease in its advanced form and most averagepersons have at least a mild case of it.
  3. 3. For example, if you have been receiving my emailsfor weeks upon weeks and haven‟t taken action Iwould say you are suffering from excusitis. Don‟ttake it personal…Just try to be receptive and open-minded to whatI‟m saying because I am trying to help here…I‟m sure you have come up with excuses why youhaven‟t achieved success or joined our team herewith Empower. Excuses like “it’s not real”, “too goodto be true”, “this is hard”, “I’m new toonline marketing”, “I don’t have money”, andso on…
  4. 4. What you don‟t realize that‟s taking place is onceyou have selected a “good” excuse, you stick with it.Then you rely on that excuse to explain toyourself and others why you are not movingforward.Essentially, you can convince yourself of somethingthat isn‟t true but make it true over time. Does thatmakes sense? You see each time you make theexcuses, the excuses become imbedded deeperwithin your subconscious. Thought positive ornegative, grow stronger when fertilizedwith constant repetition.
  5. 5. You have become a victim of excusitis.
  6. 6. Have you allowed Excusitis from others around youto infect you with the disease?Have you ever wondered what the difference isbetween those who are wealthy and those who areaverage? There are many but they all come down toone thing ----- DECISIONS. Yes, the decisions thatsuccessful people make are different than thosefrom average people.Despite the “fears” or “risks”, successful peopleignore that wussy in their mind and listen tothat CHAMPION in their minds.
  7. 7. I could give you a list 30 pages long of successfulentrepreneurs who could have made the sameexcuses but they DIDN‟T. They refused toallow that LIE of excusitis keep them where theywere. They knew and believed that if they wouldnot step out of their comfort zone, they wouldalways be in the same position 10 years later.So, are you thinking your way to success…orthinking you way to failure? What you think willalways be true to you…. So, my friend, askyourself…Are you selling yourself short?Have you allowed that fearful person in yourmind aka the wussy to keep you from whatYou know you NEED to do?
  8. 8. FACT: It is much more risky to do nothing andkeep doing what you have been doing than toDECIDE to change!The CHAMPION tells you, “I can do this”. TheCHAMPION that tells you that other successfulpeople are no different than YOU.We breathe the same air, we both bleed the same,we put our underwear on the same…they are justlike ME!Yes, those CHAMPIONS who look failure in theface and smacks it dead in ITS eye …that iswhat separates the two.
  9. 9. Hey, if you are O.K. living an average life, making average income, doing average things, I‟m O.K. with that. That‟s on you…….but if that was the case, what would you be doing watching this or receiving my emails?No, I believe you are tired of your averagelife…average income …doing average things. Youwant to impact your world by doing BIG THINGS,right? Well, if that‟s the case, It all startswith THINKING BIG. If your thinking is small and negative, don‟t expect your bank account to change from being small and negative. Don‟t expect your relationships to change from being small and negative.
  10. 10. Don‟t expect your life to change from being smalland negative.If you knew there was a way you could match yourcurrent income in 90 -180 days, work less hours anddo this from home, what would you invest financiallyto do it?Would you invest$20,000…$10,000…$5000…$1000…$500?Would you sacrifice your cable…going out somuch…take a 2nd job…..sell something that is no longer needed toachieve this?
  11. 11. Maybe you don‟t want to match your current incomein 3 months…working half the hours….from thecomfort of your home.That‟s OK.I‟ve worked with people like that who would ratherwork 55 hours per week, 11 hours a day, just tomake $5,000 a month but have no time for theirloved ones but has become a slave to their jobs.That‟s OK..because there are plenty of people whodo want to match their income in 90 days,working half the time, from home.
  12. 12. Are you on the path to success or mediocrity? Areyou a CHAMPION or a WUSSY? Are you just anotheraverage Joe or Jane or someone with a biggerpurpose in life? Are you a victim of excusitis andliving behind its lies or someone who is ready tomake a life changing DECISION?Truth be told…we are where we are today because ofthe decisions we have already made consciously orsubconsciously. Are you satisfied with yours?
  13. 13. What would you do to be able to have the time to dowhat you always wanted to do…to go places youalways wanted to see…to bless the lives of so manyothers?Listen, SUCCESS leaves clues and once you discoverand understand that…then and only then will you beon its path. SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!
  14. 14. JOIN ME HERE Decide Today That‟s It‟s Time!I decided long ago and have not looked back since… …what about you?DECIDE TODAY…TAKE ACTION NOW…GET STARTEDP.S. This train is moving and it will keep movingforward with or without you. The choice isyours to hop on now….