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The Power of Mobile CRM


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Your sales reps are walking into meetings with only a tablet in their hand. They hand out business cards with their cell phone numbers. Many travel and others work from home. Your team's already mobile - shouldn't your CRM software be mobile as well?

Whether you're debating the need for mobile CRM for your sales team, or you're unhappy with your current solution, this mobile CRM presentation is for you.

-What makes for a robust mobile CRM
-How successful sales teams use mobile CRM to improve productivity
-Which features are key to success on mobile CRM
-Key tips for user adoption of mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is a must for modern business and sales teams. Stay on top of the latest technology to see how it can make your sales team 10x more productive!

About Base CRM:
Base is the first post-PC CRM and the only CRM focused on the end user. Over 10,000 businesses use Base to manage their sales pipeline and customer relationships.

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  • In modern high tech era Mobile CRM is on the high demand in the world of bushiness automation and request is developing as organizations and employees are requesting access to vital data continuously. 67% of CIOs and IT experts trust Mobility will affect their organizations as much as or more than the internet did. Mobile CRM allows you to access information in the central database from anywhere in the world at any time, provided you have access to a mobile device that works.I'm using Kapture Mobile CRM( and by the pricing point of view Kapture CRM is most versatile CRM in the market. It incorporates easy mobility into your business management. The Mobile platform streamlines your daily processes and optimizes your business operations.
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The Power of Mobile CRM

  2. 2. What will we cover today? •Technology Shift •What is Mobile CRM? •Successful Mobile CRM Strategy
  3. 3. #1 Mobile CRM for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
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  5. 5. Technology Shift •Gartner Predicts by 2017, Half of •Mechanics using iPads to access repair manuals and inventory listings •Sales people walking around with a tablet and smartphone with all of their customer information in hand •Construction workers on job sites, armed with an iPad for building plans and notes •Real Estate agents with everything they need on their tablets and smartphones Gartner Predicts by 2017, Half of to Employers will Require Employees Employers will Require Employees Supply Their Own Device for Work to Supply Their Own Device for Purposes Work Purposes
  6. 6. Tablet Shipments Surpassed Desktop & Notebooks in Q4:12 Global PC (Desktop / Notebook) and Tablet Shipments by Quarter Q1:95-Q1:13 Source: KPCB | Mary Meeker/Liang Wu |
  7. 7. Top Benefits Expected from BYOD Program Q: Please identify the main productivity benefits your organization would expect to realize by promoting BYOD policies. Improve efficiency and worker productivity* Increase opportunities for worker mobility Source:
  8. 8. Top Benefits Expected from a BYOD Program % Who Strongly Agree BYOD Improves Worker Productivity Q: Please identify the main productivity benefits your organization would expect to realize by promoting BYOD policies. Source:
  9. 9. IT BYOD Benefits (Top Rank) What are the main benefits your organization would expect to realize by promoting BYOD policies? Source:
  10. 10. Sales habits are changing and you need a tool to meet these new needs.
  11. 11. What does this mean for you? •Managers •Accurate Reporting •Flexibility •Cost Savings •Sales Team •Additional Mobility •Increase active selling time
  12. 12. Mobile CRM •Access to all of your data •Designed for both smartphones and tablets •Native Experience •Characteristics of a great CRM but in a native environment
  13. 13. Contacts and Notes •Import contacts from your address book •Create notes for every entry •All of your customers in one place
  14. 14. Usability •Built using the native UI •Intuitive •Easy to use
  15. 15. Native vs. Web Based •Offline access •Speed •Leverage hardware *Watch out for “Native” apps that simply host a web view
  16. 16. Mobile Reporting •On-demand reporting - no admin required •Actionable reports •Reports designed for the device you’re using •Data accuracy
  17. 17. Call Logging •Automated •Call recording •Call Outcome Tracking *Use VOIP to place calls through your tablet
  18. 18. Sync Cross Device •Works in the background •All of your data, all of your devices (cross platform) •Data is backed up
  19. 19. Integrates with your phone, not just another app. •Call overlay for incoming calls •Upload documents from device or other apps •Integrates with contacts
  20. 20. Successful Mobile CRM Practices Experiences Built for People.
  21. 21. Built for People. •Focus on end-user adoption •Invest in a Mobile CRM that your team will actually use and receive value from.
  22. 22. Adding notes every time you meet someone asap •Logging what you talked about How did Base do this? •Quick add option •Prompt you after a call •Easy access to notes
  23. 23. Logging and Recording Calls •Record calls automatically •Enter Call Outcomes How did Base do this? •Calls are automatically logged •Calls are automatically recorded •Ask you to specify “next steps”
  24. 24. Multiple Devices •Use Mobile CRM on as many devices as you need to. •Option to use the web as well How did Base do this? •Native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone •Behind the scenes sync •Leverage the device
  25. 25. Create and Maintain Tasks •Use tasks to hold yourself accountable •Follow up tasks for “next steps” •Enter tasks asap How did Base do this? •Quick Add option to add a new task •Email reminders •Add a task from any device
  26. 26. Store Documents with Deals •Keep everything in once centralized location •Backup to cloud so even if you lose your phone, data is not lost. How did Base do this? •Securely access all of your important documents wherever you are •In-app document storage
  27. 27. Maximize meeting prep time with Mobile •Spend time preparing for meetings, not searching for names, addresses, notes, etc. How did Base do this? •Open a contact or lead card and see all of the relevant information in one place
  28. 28. Enter data once. •Avoid entering information multiple times •Minimize admin time How did Base do this? •Calls are automatically logged •Import from phone’s address book •Sync to other devices
  29. 29. •A Mobile CRM designed for your device •Maximize your active selling time •Minimize admin time and data entry
  30. 30. Give it a try today. Search for “Base CRM” on your mobile device and create a Free Base CRM account, or visit
  31. 31. For more information on Mobile CRM free ebooks: “Why you need a CRM for your sales team” “Choosing the right CRM for your mobile sales team”
  32. 32. Thanks for joining us. Presenter: Josh Bean Product Marketing Manager Email: Twitter: @getbase Web: