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LITE 2016 – Making the Most of Communication Triggers [Deepika Ranjit & Lokman Lau]

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LITE 2016 – Making the Most of Communication Triggers [Deepika Ranjit & Lokman Lau]

  1. 1. Making the Most of Communication Triggers Deepika & Loki
  2. 2. Introductions Joined in August 2015 Joined in December 2014
  3. 3. What we’ll cover... •Triggers Introduction •Sending Scheduled Reports with Triggers •Setting Up Triggers •Tracking Communications •Troubleshooting
  4. 4. Triggers Introduction • Why- •Saves time. •Delivers relevant information when required. • When- •Automated based on trigger conditions. •Can be reviewed and sent manually. • Who- •Students, communication contacts, Event staff. •Contacts that are not in the system(scheduled reports).
  5. 5. Setting up Triggers Quick Checklist: 1.Sending Address 2.Templates 3.Trigger 4.Event/Scheduled
  6. 6. Business Scenario: Scheduled Triggers Administrate can help with having a Report that is ready to run at any time with the latest information, and can be sent via a trigger. Example 1- Office Administrator needs to send the Sales Team a report on which events have less than 5 students. Example 2- You want your Sales Team to receive all finalised invoices for the current month/week to add it to the accounting package.
  7. 7. Example 1 Report Report to your sales team about events that have less than 5 bookings
  8. 8. Example 2 Report: Report to your Finance team to send all invoices in ‘Final’ status, for the current month, so the Finance team can update their accounting package with the invoice detail
  9. 9. Set up: Sending Address Example:
  10. 10. Template • Creation of Template: 1. Choose the Audience(remember to match the audience on template and the trigger). 2. Choose the Subject and Body for the Template. 3. Choose merge fields(do not copy and paste). 4. Add any attachments like Documents, Certificates, Invoices, Reports etc. 5. Have a template ready for cancellation of events/or for any other changes, so when changes are made on a given event, you can choose the template and save time by typing something every time.
  11. 11. Trigger • Use Abbreviations so you will know which trigger it is when viewing on the event. • Rather than creating a trigger for a Single event, create for the course, so any event created for the course can use the trigger in future.
  12. 12. Handy Hints • New triggers- Start with Manual and then change to Automatic. • Trigger Audience should match with Template Audience. • You can’t edit/make changes to a Trigger that has history attached to it. • Be sure to select correct event type(Public/Private), Location, Companies.
  13. 13. Scheduled Reports Summary 1.Template with the report attached. 2.Trigger with the scheduled trigger target and template. 3.Any valid email address, even to your external stake holders. 4.Reports are sent out in Excel format. 5.Trigger logs will show the email status/delivery time stamps.
  14. 14. Tracking Communications Why? • Transparency in what, who, and when were communications sent. • Whether or not they were successful. • 1st step in diagnosing any issues. You can track communications through status pills in the: • Trigger Log. • Event (if the Trigger is attached to an Event).
  15. 15. Tracking Communications: Trigger Log DEMO
  16. 16. Tracking Communications: Event DEMO
  17. 17. Problem Steps Has my communication been delivered? ● Check the status, in the Trigger Log and against the Documentation ● Check the Trigger log for further notices ● Note the Priority (On Registration Triggers only) / Full times I want to send a Trigger that’s displaying “Not Yet ● Click on the “Not Yet Processed” to bring up the email The column for my Trigger is not being displayed in the communication tab ● Note the Priority (On Registration Triggers only) / Full times ● Add on a new Student ● Is the Trigger limited to a specific Company, Region, Public/Private Events, etc.? It’s none of the above / It’s all of the above / it’s all gone ● Speak to someone! Troubleshooting: Common Issues Checklist
  18. 18. Troubleshooting: Emails land in Junk/Spam Improve the spam scoring of your emails: • Encourage your students to report the emails as “safe” or “this is not spam” • Advises which part of your emails appear spam-like, or is common in spam emails • Set up Administrate as an allowed email sender in your DNS • Through Administrate Support
  19. 19. Contact Administrate Support! We’re here to help! Please let us know details! • Issue in the Ticket Subject. • Example links of the: • Trigger • Event • Intended Recipient (or name of Contact) • Screenshots of Error messages • How is it “not working” • No entry in the Trigger Log • What usually happens vs what is being experienced
  20. 20. Thank You! Please join us in The Snug if you have any questions!