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LITE 2018 – Making the Most of Your Customer Feedback [Chris Wigglesworth]



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LITE 2018 – Making the Most of Your Customer Feedback [Chris Wigglesworth]

  1. 1. Chris Wigglesworth Founder, Making the most of your customer feedback
  2. 2. Customer feedback as a management tool • Reporting and analysis • Survey form design • Digital vs. paper • Response rates • Negative feedback
  3. 3. Reporting and analysis • Establish KPIs • Set targets • Publish results • Make it matter
  4. 4. Survey form design • All about improvement • Keep it short • Mix of score-based and free text questions • Minimise mandatory questions • Free survey form ‘health- check’ at
  5. 5. Digital feedback vs. paper feedback • More honest & insightful • People prefer it • Real-time analysis • React faster • Saves time, money and trees
  6. 6. Response rates Focus on the goal • Is feedback representative? • In the class room vs. email How to improve response rates • Ask promptly and explain why you’re asking • Ask trainers to ‘sell’ it • Experiment
  7. 7. Negative feedback Negative feedback is normal • Trust peaks at 4.7 / 5 Opportunity to showcase your customer support • Establish a process • Respond promptly • Consider context • Contact directly and make it personal • Fair vs. unfair criticism • Don’t make it worse Source: Spiegel Research Centre, Reevoo
  8. 8. Customer feedback as a marketing tool • The importance of reviews in B2B marketing • Testimonials vs. reviews • SEO and Google stars • Making the most of your reviews
  9. 9. 88% 90% 92% Sources: Nielsen, MarketingLand, eMarketer The importance of reviews trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations read online reviews before making a purchasing decision more likely to purchase a service if they’ve read trusted reviews about it.
  10. 10. Testimonials vs. Reviews Issues with testimonials • Selective • May not be true • Published by you • Superceded by reviews
  11. 11. SEO & Google stars • Google uses over 200 ‘signals’ • Google ‘likes’ User Generated Content • Google stars increase click- through rates by over 30% Source:
  12. 12. Making the most of your reviews • Marketing materials • Tradeshows and events • Newsletters • Your website • Email footers • Sales proposals • Social media
  13. 13. Chris Wigglesworth Founder, Making the most of your customer feedback

Editor's Notes

  • For those of you who aren’t aware of us, Coursecheck is a customer survey system, designed specifically for training providers to help them make the most of their customer feedback.
    Start by talking in general terms about how feedback can be used both as a quality control tool; and also as a marketing tool.
    I’m then going to hand over to Abby Fermont from Proactive Technical Training (PTT).
    PTT use Administrate and Coursecheck.
  • Training companies are great at collecting feedback on paper but less good at using it effectively.
    Do nothing vs rekey and build complex reports in Excel
    Get buy-in before making changes
  • Start with the end in mind
    One of our customers links NPS to bonuses
  • Will Thalheimer
  • No one disputes the benefits…lots of Pro’s
    I know what you’re thinking…..response rates???
  • You can always find someone to agree with you on Google…
  • People are more savvy now.
    SOME negative feedback is norrmal
    Handled well, you can come out smelling of roses.
  • Not just B2C
    Opportunity to be ahead of the game
    Training is commoditised so lends itself to reviews
  • Upward trends
    Millenials apply personal behaviour in the work place
  • Word of mouth, then testimonials, now reviews
    Case studies ok.
  • Rich snippets
  • Be creative
    Low bar so easy to differentiate
    If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And it’s FREE.
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