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LITE 2018 – A Deep Dive Into Custom Fields [Craig Lynagh]


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Published in: Technology
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LITE 2018 – A Deep Dive Into Custom Fields [Craig Lynagh]

  1. 1. A Deep Dive into Custom Fields
  2. 2. What are Custom Fields?
  3. 3. Custom fields are fields that you can customise.....
  4. 4. What do Custom Fields Look Like?
  5. 5. Custom Field Types Where can they be used? • Accounts • Contacts • Sales Opportunites • Course Templates • Event Templates
  6. 6. • They allow customisation • You can restrict access to certain User Roles • They can be set as a mandatory field • Improved reporting • Customisation of certificates • Ensure compatability with exports and importing data • Enable bespoke integrations with 3rd party applications • In fact, they are so great.... Why are Custom Fields Great?
  7. 7. How do Custom Fields add value to your business?
  8. 8. • Mail merge and christmas cards • Exporting data from Administrate importing it into another application • To ensure compliance with GDPR • Marketing analysis Reporting
  9. 9. Christmas Cards • Stay in touch with you customers • Establish a relationship with your customer • Revalidation of qualifications • Expressed interest in an upcoming events
  10. 10. Exporting data from Administrate
  11. 11. GDPR Compliance
  12. 12. • What is your most successful marketing campaign? • Detailed analysis within Sales Opportunities • Google analytics • Google adwords • Social media • Banner ads • Lead generation • Local newspaper • Report on it and invest time in the successful Marketing
  13. 13. Certificates
  14. 14. • Acclaim • Zoom • Cloudshare Bespoke integrations with third party applications
  15. 15. Forgerock - Acclaim • Acclaim is a digital badging platform • Forgerock in collaboration with Pro Servies have successfully integrated with Acclaim • Custom fields on the Course Templates stored the Badge ID • Students fulfilled a criteria and Acclaim issue a badge to the individual • The badges are also displayed on the individuals Linkedin profile
  16. 16. • Consider how custom fields can benefit your business • Implement custom fields and streamline a workflow • Utilise custom fields to export data from Administrate • Explore the possibilities of integrating with another applcation Next steps
  17. 17. While you are at LITE schedule a one to one with: • Account Management • Pro Services • Support Team Please reach out to your account management team or the support Desk ( if you have any further questions. We are here to help
  18. 18. Questions?