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LITE 2017 – Trends We’re Seeing within the Training Industry [John Peebles]


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LITE 2017 – Trends We’re Seeing within the Training Industry [John Peebles]

  1. 1. Trends#LITE2017
  2. 2. • A Modern Website Training providers must implement online course booking (and payment!) • Scalable Training Management System Investment in systems designed to help your administrators and back office • eLearning Augmenting traditional classroom training with eLearning content (either true blended learning or supplemental learning content) We’ve Long Preached
  3. 3. OMG, like, obviously!
  4. 4. Yeah?
  5. 5. Half of our customer base still doesn’t offer online course booking and payment.
  6. 6. Early Adopters tend to Outperform
  7. 7. “The statistics speak to a broader trend that early adopters of iPad POS systems are generally more successful in today’s marketplace” Jason Richelson, Founder, ShopKeep POS
  8. 8. Trends We’re Seeing
  9. 9. A Move to Subscription Based Business Models
  10. 10. ILT -> VILT
  11. 11. Differentiation is Now a Requirement
  12. 12. Demonstrating ROI will no longer be optional.
  13. 13. Training Companies Requiring Significant and Sophisticated Marketing Tech
  14. 14. An Ever Growing Toolbox Required
  15. 15. Learning Strategy > Access
  16. 16. Gravitation Towards 1 of 2 Models Highly Sophisticated Heavily Automated Niche Player Heavily Differentiated Highly Scaled Volume Player Efficient. Cheap. Small. Nimble. Unique. Huge. Powerful. Premium.
  17. 17. Beware
  18. 18. The Fermi Paradox for Training Companies 1. You’re Rare 2. You’re First 3. You’re Screwed
  19. 19. A 3rd Possibility Emerging Highly Sophisticated Heavily Automated Highly Differentiated Efficient & Unique.
  20. 20. • Make efficiency of your organisation a top priority SO THAT you can: • Invest recovered time in exploration of new value for your customers. • Key areas to focus on: • Virtualised offerings • Supplemental content • Premium offerings that are high value but low cost • Thought leadership • Personalisation of learning • Reduction of cost per lead Getting Practical
  21. 21. Thanks!