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LITE 2017 – Key Financial Reports for Training Companies [Natasha Serafimovska]


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LITE 2017 – Key Financial Reports for Training Companies [Natasha Serafimovska]

  1. 1. Key Financial Reports for Training Companies Natasha Serafimovska Account Management
  2. 2. Introduction Today we will discuss: • Key Financial Metrics for any Training Business; • Key Financial Reports for Measuring Business Health ; • How to Build These in Administrate;
  3. 3. What is the Number 1 Metric Every Business Owner Cares About?
  4. 4. Key Financial Metrics: Revenue: • Course sales • Other sales Cost: • Per course • Per session • Per learner Expenses: • Admin • Operations Other: • Debt • Deferred Income
  5. 5. Key Financial Reports: + Profit Margin Profit Forecast Top Spenders Revenue Growth - Debtors Un- invoiced events Deferred Income
  6. 6. Before Building Reports: •Make sure your data is clean: •Data between ADM and your accounting system is up-to-date; •All necessary invoices have been raised; •All costs have been tracked and invoiced; •Skills you’ll need: •Understanding of entity types in our reporting engine; •Using formulas; •Combining multiple reports into one;
  7. 7. •Entity Type: Event •Actual Revenue: invoiced amount per event •Total Costs: purchase invoices per event •Actual Profit: Revenue – Cost •Profit Margin: Net Profit / Total Revenue x 100 Profit Margin 2017
  8. 8. •Report Entity Type: Event •Profit Forecast: Revenue Forecast – Cost Forecast •Profit Margin Forecast: Profit Forecast / Revenue Forecast x 100 Profit Margin Forecast
  9. 9. •Need separate annual reports on total revenue: •Entity Type: Account •Total Spent: total invoiced amount in 2016 and 2017 Top Spenders
  10. 10. •Need separate annual reports on total revenue: •Entity Type: Account •Revenue Growth: (Current Period Revenue – Last Period Revenue) / Last Period Revenue X 100 Revenue Growth 2016/17
  11. 11. •Entity Type: Sales Ledger Invoice •Debt: Total Invoiced + Credited Sum – Total Paid Debtors Report
  12. 12. •Entity Type: Sales Ledger Invoice •Gross Total: Total Invoiced Future Events •Net Total: Total invoiced exc. tax (unpaid) Deferred Income
  13. 13. •Entity Type: Event •Forecast Revenue: •Public: course price X student number; •Private: custom course price Un-invoiced Events 2017
  14. 14. Thank You! Natasha Serafimovska Account Management 0131 460 7126