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LITE 2017 – Defining, Mining, and Maintaining Your Data [Josh Amidon]

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LITE 2017 – Defining, Mining, and Maintaining Your Data [Josh Amidon]

  1. 1. Defining, Mining, and Maintaining Your Data LITE 2017 Administrate
  2. 2. Background: Josh Amidon Administrate Project Management heavily reliant upon good data: 1. Wildfire Risk Management 2. Administrate: Professional Services Team • Implementation Focus Not a Database Engineer or Administrator!
  3. 3. Background: Implementation Team Administrate Training and setup to efficiently get you off the ground! 1. Guide your data import process • Accounts, contacts, courses, events 2. Create automated communications • Registration welcome, LMS access, marketing mail-outs 3. Create reports for refinement and growth Your success is reliant upon your data!
  4. 4. Client Conversion Goals Administrate Goals identified by new clients during sales and implementation: • Getting More Organized • Saving Money • Saving Time • Increasing Course Bookings “Get all my data in one place!”
  5. 5. Story 1: Data as a Detriment Administrate “My data is all over the place” Common Problems: 1. Data DISCONNECTION • Access, Excel, SalesForce 2. Data DUPLICATION • Amidon Ltd., Amidon Industries 3. Data INNACURACY • See above 4. Data PROCESS • Significant manual processing Impacts: 1. Wasted Time 2. Wasted Money 3. Inaccuracy 4. Missed Opportunities 5. Negative Impression 6. Frustration
  6. 6. Story 2: Data as an Asset Administrate “My data is working for me” Preferred Solutions: 1. Connected system • Single platform “house” 2. Automated management support • Decreased exposure 3. Automated service support • Triggered outputs at the right time 4. Easy to integrate • Preferred external interactions Impact: 1. Saved Time 2. Saved Money 3. Accurate, reliable data 4. Gained Opportunities 5. Client Impression 6. Satisfaction; peace of mind
  7. 7. Solution #1: Import Tool Administrate Import accounts, contacts, courses, events Features: • Step-by-step instruction • Duplicate/potential conflict identification • Error resolution outputs • Import reversion Implementation Team supported
  8. 8. Solution #2: Custom Field Creation to Define Your Data Administrate
  9. 9. Solution #3: Insert Merge Fields to Automate Messaging Administrate
  10. 10. Solution #4: Create Custom Reporting to Mine Your Data Administrate
  11. 11. Solution #5: Merge Tool Administrate • Duplicate contact record finder • Side-by-side field comparison • One click resolution
  12. 12. Solution #6: API Bulk Update Administrate We can support a mass update solution: 1. Report-based duplication discovery 2. Rest API update via a scripted solution • Example: Mobile phone country code update across all contacts for SMS messaging
  13. 13. Solution #7: Professional Services Support Administrate Turn the task over to an experienced team: • Training • Analysis • Cleanup • Import
  14. 14. Conclusion • Define and adhere to better data management strategies • Mine your solid base of data for business growth • Maintain your data for ongoing success and piece of mind Next Steps: • NEW: request a 1-2-1 session • CURRENT: visit the control panel and click “Potential Contact Duplicates” • Attend the Professional Services Workshop (here at 4:20 today) Administrate