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LITE 2017 – Building a Sales Workflow that Scales [Patrick Flanagan & Bob Sabra]


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LITE 2017 – Building a Sales Workflow that Scales [Patrick Flanagan & Bob Sabra]

  1. 1. Building a Sales Workflow that Scales Presenter: Bob Sabra Starts at: 16:20 Duration: 30 mins
  2. 2. Bob Sabra VP of Operations, MENA
  3. 3. Typical VS Perfect Customer Lifecycle Understanding your own Sales Workflow Touchpoints Derivatives: Nurturing, Scoring, Content, Requirements and Reports What we’re here to talk about 2 1 3 Executing, Documenting and Tweaking4
  4. 4. Understanding Customers LIFECYCLE 1
  5. 5. How does a typical lifecycle look like LEADS SALES
  6. 6. Now an ideal lifecycle Lifecycle Marketing Nurture ReferralsMagnet
  7. 7. Your own #salesworkflow 2
  8. 8. What, where and how to look for the blocks Analyze historical data (lifecycle average, personas, behaviors etc…) Rethink the process in lights of the ideal customer lifecycle Come up with your own touchpoints based on specific triggers and transitions Close the loop from the very beginning till the very end
  9. 9. Nurturing, content and scoring Derivatives 3
  10. 10. There's also the fact that 63% of people requesting information on our company today will not purchase for at least three months - and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy. #SalesCode
  11. 11. Alright… So what are the derivatives exactly Smart ContentLead Nurturing Stage based scoring
  12. 12. Definitive guide to workflow Scalability 4
  13. 13. Workflow Scalability checklist Logic documentation and definitions Triggers and transitions Progressive profiling and mandatory fields Website content mapping to stages Solid training for sales and marketing people The right tools and technology Review and Iteration mechanism
  14. 14. Questions?