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Who to know at Dreamforce - finding your connections online


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Who are the super-connected people among the crowds at Dreamforce? You might be standing right next to one and not even know it - until now.

Matt Heinz, one of the world's very top experts in marketing automation and social selling, likes to run Little Bird reports analyzing the online communities around all the events that he and his clients go to. Dreamforce is no different, but this year we partnered with Matt to offer a personalized version of the sample Little Bird report you see now.

These are the most-listened-to members of the Dreamforce community - by other members of the Dreamforce community.

* Plug in your company's Twitter handle and your contact info at and we'll make a copy of this report with you in it, just like Matt appears with his connections analyzed on the 6th page.

* PLUS - in addition to the top 50 people at Dreamforce, your personalized report will include a list of the top 20 COMPANIES (beyond Salesforce) who are the most influential corporate members of the Dreamforce community.

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Who to know at Dreamforce - finding your connections online

  2. 2. INFLUENCE REPORT: Dreamforce "Always be connecting," says social sales thought leader Jill Rowley. That's great advice, but imagine if you could zoom out and see all the connections formed by everyone in your community online. ! That's what we at Little Bird do. In this example report, you'll see some of the results of our analysis of over 120,000 connections formed on the social web between key people in the Dreamforce community. There are thousands of really interesting people who will be there, but these are the 50 most-connected.
  3. 3. TOP 50 DREAMFORCE INSIDERS Insiders are experts who have earned the trust of other industry influencers. Rank is based on peer validation—not mass popularity. Rank Insider Name Twitter Handle 1 Marc Benioff @Benioff 2 Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang 3 R Ray Wang (王瑞光) @rwang0 4 Charlie Isaacs @charlieisaacs 5 Peter Coffee @petercoffee 6 Jeff Grosse @CRMFYI 7 Ann Handley @MarketingProfs 8 Dan Darcy @dandarcy 9 Christopher Penn @cspenn 10 Mike Gerholdt @MikeGerholdt 11 Paul Greenberg @pgreenbe 12 Erica Kuhl @ericakuhl 13 Geraldine Gray @GeraldineGray 14 Marcus Nelson @marcusnelson 15 Matt Heinz @HeinzMarketing 16 Michael Farrington @michaelforce 17 Jill Rowley @jill_rowley 18 Charlene Li @charleneli 19 David Schach @dschach 20 Becka Dente @sfdc_nerd 21 Nick Hamm @hammnick 22 Parker Harris @parkerharris 23 Reid Carlberg @ReidCarlberg 24 Matthew Lamb @SFDCMatt 25 John Taschek @jtaschek
  4. 4. TOP 50 DREAMFORCE INSIDERS Insiders are experts who have earned the trust of other industry influencers. Rank is based on peer validation—not mass popularity. Rank Insider Name Twitter Handle 26 Koka Sexton @kokasexton 27 George Hu @GeorgeHuSF 28 Narinder Singh @singhns 29 Vala Afshar @ValaAfshar 30 Zachary Jeans @ZacharyJeans 31 Jon Miller @jonmiller 32 Brandy Colmer @forceDotMom 33 Michael Krigsman @mkrigsman 34 Marcel LeBrun @lebrun 35 Matt Brown @mattybme 36 Adam Seligman @adamse 37 Amber Boaz @amber9904 38 Tristan Bishop @KnowledgeBishop 39 Dave Carroll @dcarroll 40 Kraig Swensrud @kswensrud 41 Pat Patterson @metadaddy 42 Jeff Douglas @jeffdonthemic 43 Gordon Evans @GordonEvans 44 Kevin Swiggum @KevinSwiggum 45 Natalie Petouhoff @drnatalie 46 Eric T. Tung @EricTTung 47 Dharmesh Shah @dharmesh 48 Kyle Lacy @kyleplacy 49 Joshua Hoskins @jhoskins 50 Laura Fitton @Pistachio Follow the Top 50 Dreamforce Insiders
  6. 6. 409 Dreamforce Insiders follow @HeinzMarketing. ! These are his most influential, trusted connections. DREAMFORCE CONNECTIONS FOR @HEINZMARKETING Compare any Twitter account to analyze competitors, sales prospects and more! These people follow @HeinzMarketing but aren’t followed back. Missed opportunities and potential quick wins! Most recent Insiders to follow @HeinzMarketing ! ! Now’s the time to deepen these fresh connections. @HeinzMarketing follows 465 Dreamforce Insiders. ! This is a key measure of social influencer savvy. Grow connections by engaging with Little Bird's filtered content highlights.
  7. 7. SOCIAL GRAPH OF DREAMFORCE COMMUNITIES General rock stars ! • @salesforce • @rwang0 • @jowyang • @marketo • @marissamayer Specialist rock stars ! • @Benioff • @Dreamforce • @marketingcloud • @richardbranson • @dandarcy Deloitte Digital ! • @alexgarcia • @Paul_Clemmons • @pludlow • @wdbthree • @GreenDotMike Developers ! •@SalesforceDevs •@appexchange •@petercoffee •@CRMFYI •@chatter
  8. 8. 4 WAYS TO ACT ON THESE INSIGHTS Identifying the top leaders in your field is just the first step. Next, start building social capital by engaging with influencers and sharing their content. (Little Bird can help with the heavy liſting!) 1. Grow your marketing reach. Earn advocacy from your oldest and newest influential connections. 2. Drive sales leads. Curate and add value to high-quality, influencer-sourced content and conversations to build visibility and credibility. 3. Empower employee advocates. Discover thought leaders in your company by finding out who has connections to influencers in your market—and give them the resources to act. 4. Gain market and competitive intelligence. Influencers' advocacy is the tip of the iceberg; their early insight into new opportunities offers even greater strategic value.