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Best practices: Using ambassador creatively


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Ambassador’s referral software starts with giving your brand ambassadors personalized URLs, but it doesn't end there.

Using Ambassador opens the door to a host of creative strategies to make sure your program rocks at getting high-quality referrals. To get started, here are some out-of-the-box ways to use Ambassador’s referral software to expand your customer base and engage new brand ambassadors.

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Best practices: Using ambassador creatively

  1. 1. Best Practices: Using Ambassador Creatively The Ambassador platform starts with giving your brand ambassadors personalized URLs, but it doesnt end there. Here are some out-of-the-box ways to use the Ambassador platform to expand your customer base. 1.  Social Media Subscription You can tag any element of your site to be tracked for rewards, which means that your links for becoming fans on Facebook, for example, can trigger rewards for your ambassadors. This strategy can give you a sustainable growth in social media reach.   2.  Social Media Engagement Shares and tweets, while not necessarily providing a direct monetary benefit to your business are still a valuable activity. Incentivizing users to tweet, post, or share can expand your brand reach.   3.  Continued Site Engagement You may want to incentivize your site visitors to interact with your site beyond just visitation and purchases. Depending on the format of your site, there may be opportunities to start discussions, leave comments, or participate by other means. Each of those activities can be measured and rewarded, incentivizing further interaction with your brand.   4.  Registration Registering for your service is a legitimate way to increase your customer base even if it isnt a revenue-generating action in itself. Why not reward ambassadors for referring registrants?   5.  Features The events that you track dont need to be significant. Even smaller interactions with features can be tracked- like creating an account, setting a profile picture, or making a comment in your online platform. For details on how to accomplish these best practices, visit to read whitepapers and eBooks! | @getambassador | 248.792.3472 | 1066 Commerce St. | Birmingham, MI 48009