Advantages and Disadvantages ofMigration of Skilled Indians to Abroad(Brain Drain)by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by ...
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Although the local businesses want to keep their best assets, they cannot. This is simplybecause local businesses could no...
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Advantages and disadvantages of migration of skilled indians to abroad


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Advantages and disadvantages of migration of skilled indians to abroad

  1. 1. Advantages and Disadvantages ofMigration of Skilled Indians to Abroad(Brain Drain)by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author) (Feedback) The migration of skilled individuals to other nations is referred as the brain drain or the humancapital flight. This migration of talented individuals may be due to conflicts, lack of opportunity, orhealth hazards where they are living.In India, brain drain is more because educated individuals are emigrating for higher wages andbetter opportunities. It has been in our consciousness since 30 years and many bright youngstershave emigrated mainly to US from early 1960s onwards including a large fraction of the graduatingclass at IITs in India.AdvantagesThe money the emigrants have sent back home has helped in alleviating poverty in their homes.It has resulted in less child labor, greater child schooling, more hours worked in self employmentand a higher rate of people starting capital intensive enterprises.The money remittances have also reduced the level and severity of poverty.Moreover, the money migrants sent back are spent more in investments such as education, healthand housing, rather than on food and other goods.DisadvantagesDue to the influence of brain drain, the investment in higher education is lost as the highlyeducated person leaves India and becomes an asset to other country.Also, whatever social capital the individual has been a part of is reduced by his or her departure.With all the college graduates leaving their homelands, it raises the question as to whether theirskills are being put to good use in the destination country.The chances of Brain Waste are possible. In a similar way, there is a shortage of skilled and competent people in India.A tremendous increase in wages of high-skill labour can be seen now in India.The emigration has also created innumerous problems in the public sector.22222222222222222222222222What are effects of Brain Drain for a country?In today’s competitive environment, Brain Drain is a very popular and well understood term. Brain Drain ismass migration of skilled workforce from one land to another. The land from where mass outflow occurs canbe seen as a sufferer of Brain Drain and the host land that is receiving skilled workforce enjoys theenrichment of its skill pool which is known as Brain Gain.So, whenever migration of skilled workforce takes place from one country to another country, then onecountry will surely suffer from Brain Drain and other country will definitely enjoy Brain Gain.
  2. 2. Reasons of Brain DrainIn previous days, population was considered as strength of any nation, but now this holistic approach is not inpractice. A person with no skill and no capability is not an asset for a country. Governments rectifythe educational policy and HRD policy in order to generate more and more skilled people in the country. If acountry has a large pool of Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Scientists, Lawyers, Managers and Technocratsthen the country will definitely have a strong representation in the world. This will foster the development ofcountry and will further develop human resources of the land.But when skilled people of a country don’t get enough opportunities at home land then they migrate to foreigncountries for exploring better opportunities. This is natural to understand, a capable engineer will never wastehis time in his host country if he is not even able to find one decent job. Especially in today’s connected world,where movement of labor is free between the countries, skilled people will never confine themselves in landof limited opportunities. In fact organizations of developed countries intentionally attract the inexpensive talentexisting in developing nations.It is a common observation that developing countries are biggest sufferers of Brain Drain. Simply because indeveloping countries, growth and employment opportunities are limited; Moreover salaries and wages arealso less in developing countries as compared to developed nations.Impact of Brain DrainThe country that suffers from Brain Drain, eventually lose all of its inner strength due to scarcity of skilleddomestic workforce. Scarcity of educated and proficient people in country put negative impact uponthe local industrial development. Multi National Companies avoid coming in such nation due to lack ofcapable workforce. It also put detrimental impact on the development of basic infrastructure.People of country suffer due to unavailability of doctors and engineers. National expenditure increases foravailing the services of foreign nationals in domestic projects. Basically, Brain Drain makes a county hollowfrom inside and it is curse for developing nations.333333333333333333333333333Brain Drain in Developing CountriesSep 24, 2008231,76019Ads by GoogleSRM University- India No1 Admissions for 2013 SRM Engineering - Download or ApplyOnline Now!
  3. 3. - Shop Online 1.5 Cr+ Items, 500+ Sellers, 18000+ Brands. Visit Now toCompare & Save www.junglee.comMost Beautiful Caves Explore and discover the natural beauty ofMeghalaya with Gmail Free Email by Google Switch to Gmail, Sign up now! Mail.Google.comStudy and Work in Ireland MBA / MS in Ireland, Jan intake 1 year job search visa afterstudy global opportunities have provided many doors for skilled workers and professionals allover the world. The compensation presented by the developed countries is very inviting. Manyworkers from the third world country are leaving their home to look for greener pastures. Noone can really blame them. They would rather sweat it out in a nation that promises reward,than stay where they are, work as much, and earn way too little.RELATED ARTICLESMore Cheap Medical Scrub Tops Offered at Pulse UniformHow to Pick Stylish ScrubsLandau Maternity Scrubs & UniformsLandau Collegiate Scrubs Express Your Team Spirit!One of the best examples of professionals who are seeking employment abroad is themedical practitioners. Since the nurses are in demand in the different parts of the world, manytake up the course, work for about two years, and leave their homeland to wear their landauscrubs somewhere else.This is not only happening in medical industries. Engineers, pilots, and other professionals areleaving their countries to try their luck in developed countries as well. Although this is good forpersonal development, this is bad news for the local businesses.Brain drain is slowly creeping to the veins of local industries. It is difficult because anorganization cannot stop a person from leaving the company. He is free to explore otheropportunities for the development of his potentials. However, it is very difficult for the countryto grow if it continues to lose its talented human resources. When an organization losestalented personnel, there is a chain reaction. First, the organization has to find a replacement.When they find a replacement, they have to train him. The organization cannot expect him toperfect the processes after the training so he will incur certain damages. When he finally getshis act together, the possibility for him to look for better job abroad presents itself.Ads by Google
  4. 4. Although the local businesses want to keep their best assets, they cannot. This is simplybecause local businesses could not match the compensation offered in the developedcountries. An employee who wishes to provide a good future for his family would opt to workoverseas where his income is six times greater than what he is earning in his country.This also has adverse effect on healthcare industries. Some countries are losing their doctorsto nursing. There are doctors who give up their profession to take up nursing because ofbetter opportunities abroad. Nowadays, fewer students in the third world countries arepursuing medicine, while doctors slowly shift professions. If this trend continues, the healthcare industry in developing countries will surely suffer.It is good to note that many developed countries are opening its doors for talented peoplefrom all over the world. However, this has also caused threatening situations in some portionof the world. Many nurses and doctors are leaving their country to wear their landaus scrubsin a more prosperous land. Engineers, pilots and other professionals are doing the samething. If the government of these developing countries does not do something about it, theywill lose their prized assets. Now is the best time to look into the factors that will make theirprofessionals stay.