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Björn grönholm successful city development


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Björn grönholm successful city development

  1. 1. “Successful city development – importance of smart planning and co-operation“ Björn Grönholm, UBC Commission on Environment UBC Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat / Kirsi-Marja Lonkila / Projektityöntekijä / Kokoomuksen ympäristöverkoston seminaari 29.11.2011
  2. 2. UBC activities… Meetings and workshops Joint UBC Commission meeting, Halmstad, Tallinn, Kolding, Umeå, Örebro, Arendal …. Publications, Bulletins, testing communication technology Joint UBC Environmental Bulletin Social media (Facebook, twitter, Adobe Connect Pro, Skype etc). Policy activities Sector related statements, EUSBSR, EU and National Surveys Good Practise Databases 1998, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2013 Management of development projects
  3. 3. UBC EnvCom projects Climate Change (starting from UBC Resolution at General Conference in Pärnu 2007) - CHAMP; Integrated Management Systems for Climate Change 2012 - BaltCica; Impact, costs, scenarios on adaptation 2012 - GreenCitizens; Sustainable transport and logistics in Umeå - Net-Com; Support to cities involved in Covenant of Mayors - Nordlead; Study and evaluation of success factors in climate work Maritime policies and development (based on UBC policy statements and memorandum) - Innoship: Sustainable ports - Smartcomp (Central Baltic) Smart and sustainable innovations in Maritime industry - SNOOP; Evaluation and measuring air emissions from ships Urban wastewaters (based on UBC city proposals) - PURE; waste water treatment, sludge, Successful investments in Belarus - PRESTO; waste water treatment, sludge, investments in Belarus - WaterCluster (BSR Programme) Finnish-Russian cooperation (based on successful cooperation and contacts) - NEAT+; awareness raising in St Petersburg - BSNA; awareness raising, videos and films, mobile applications and games for youth etc - Gulf of Finland year 2014 preparations Sustainable Urban Transport (based on UBC city requests) - Eltis+, Sustainable and efficient transport - Quest, Sustainable transport and good practises - Rulla, Transport and mobility planning - Civitas Dynamo Sustainable transport systems in Europe - New Bridges, rural urban interaction, quality of life, regional development 2012 - Challenge (IEE Programme) Totally 65 Work years (40 full time + 50 part time) 6 nationalities in office
  4. 4. Policy Liaison and Coordination HELCOM observer CBSS Expert group on Sustainable Development European Sustainble Cities & Towns Conference member of preparation committee ELTIS+ consortium supporter EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region commenting and involved in implementation - Flagship status PA1 PURE and PRESTO, PA4 BSR Innoship Coordination involvement PA 5, PA 8.4 HAL / Turku process involvement Communication with DG Regional Policy, DG Env, EU Interact Communication with Funding Programmes CoR Outlook paper EU Budget - Integrating Climate Change for GREEN, SMART and INCLUSIVE GROWTH via the Committe of the Regions, DG Regional Policy etc.
  5. 5. Upcoming UBC EnvCom activities Coordination of the UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2010 – 2015 Starting up the next UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2016 – 2021 Internal UBC re-organization. New funding period. New project applications and development projects. New Concepts. Smart City Concept? EUSBSR Action Programme Implementation Evaluations and consultations Upcoming events in 2014 and 2015 (Gulf of Finland year, BDF + EUSBSR Summit etc….)
  6. 6. The Baltic Sea Region 2013 One of the most active regions in sustainable development in the world East – West arena Enormous changes in a short time! A region with a similarities and differences A region with common challenges and problems A region with common goals
  7. 7. Common challenges for all regions Geographic & Economic concentration Aging population and Migration Inefficient Energy consumption and availability Traffic, transport and accessibility problems State of the Baltic Sea Climate change Financial crisis! Name/event
  8. 8. Local authority responsibility Economy & Work Attractive Living Energy Coexistence of Generations Mobility Education & Care Green Areas in Town Cultural Life Vital Town Districts Name/event Local - Global Dynamic Town Centre A World of Sports
  9. 9. Green Growth – Green economy Green Growth is growing strongly in the EU already now! • The EU eco-industry is one of Europe's biggest industrial sectors: annual turnover of more than 300 billion euro (2,5% of GDP), around 3.4 – 4.0 million directly employed (1,5% of all employed in 2008) • Venture capital investments in clean technologies in Europe rose continuously in recent years to around ¼ of total investments ($1.8bn in 2008)
  10. 10. Going into Green economy – Green growth - Behind all kind of development there are always driving forces- issues making things to happen - The main driving forces in public sector are ; - A) policies (often verified by the budget) - B) legislation (federal and local) - C) economic tools (taxes, incentives etc) …………. and - Market forces creating (private) demand leading to many kind of development Esittäjän nimi 10
  11. 11. What a city can do to create green jobs/Green economy? - Enforcement of national environmental legislation & local by laws and rules in green sector (make companies to invest on green technology) Creating criterias for public (green) procurement Establisment of municipal enterprizes to work on new sustainability challanges Areas to focuse on; -- Improved waste management - Air quality management and monitoring - Climate change mitigation and adaptation - Energy efficiency and saving - Intelligent heating and electricity networks - Mobility management - Water and waste water management - Nature conservation and biodiversity management - Awareness raising, education Esittäjän nimi 11
  12. 12. Jobs in the Green sector/Environmental cluster (indicative /relative figures only) Research and education Public administration (300) (100) Private sector (service & manufacturing Public services (300) (2000) Others (100) Turnover 800 million €, some 260 companies