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E1 book 13


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An unique perspective of how the ideal world would be in my perspective.

Published in: Self Improvement
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E1 book 13

  1. 1. In my ideal world, there will be peace...
  2. 2. ... And everyone will be kings and queens.
  3. 3. In my world, everyone puts their problem aside to have fun..
  4. 4. Also, there is no internet, mobile phones or technology for peope to be like they are today... Today people don’t have time for each other, they only have time for technology...
  5. 5. And this is my ideal world... All those who want to be free can live here. Also, those who want to be in a different society and live as a bird or live as you like are welcome to live here!
  6. 6. THE END Author: André Editorial Supervisor: Teacher: Gerson A. Moura Illustrator: Jchanart Publisher: Date: II Semester - Summer 2014 A project from ‘Cilc’s Writing Club’: “Café Literário” CILC: Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Ceilândia
  7. 7. Page line Where it says... It should have said... How would you grade this story from 10 to 100? - Grade: ( ) Why? What did you think about this story? Did you like it? Why? SUGESTIONS TO IMPROVE THE STORY...