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B5 book 12 - kathylyn


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An ESL/EFL literature book written by a teen brazilian english student from a public language center called CILT

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B5 book 12 - kathylyn

  1. 1. CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga CILT’s Writing Club Café Literário do CILT The Soulmates Kathylyn
  2. 2. This is Laura (@) and Silvia (#). They are friends and they are talking about their past vacation: – Did you enjoy your vacation, Laura? (#) – Yes, I did. I loved it. What about you? How was your vacation? (@) – Oh, I didn’t like my vacation very much. (#) – Why? Where did you go? (@) – I Went to the beach, but the weather was terrible. (#) - So did I. I stayed at a nice hotel. The weather was awesome, it was sunny all day. (@) - Well, I didn’t. My hotel was awful, it was old and dirty. (#)
  3. 3. – Have you ever been in love, Silvia (@) – Yes, I have. How about you, Laura? (#) – I met a boy in my last vacation and we decided we will get married. (@) – Wow! Congratulation! Do you really love him? (#) - Yes, of course! I think he’s very amazing and I’m sure he loves me, too. (@) - I’m really happy for you, Laura. Hopefully I’ll have more lucky on my next vacation just like you. (#)
  4. 4. As they were talking, a fairy was overhearring their conversation and granted Silvia her wish of having a better vacation and of meeting the man of her life – her soulmate. Thus, on Silvia’s following vacation...
  5. 5. ... She met a boy who enjoyed the same things she did, he dreamed of the same things she dreamed and they always agreed on the same things. In other words, they were each other’s soulmate, so it was love at first sight. They were happy together and had much fun spending their time taking it easy and fooling around...
  6. 6. ... They loved to spend the time sitting side by side each other just hugging and feeling the breath and heartbeat of each other.
  7. 7. ...They travelled around the world together until one day they decided they were made for each other and it was about time they got married. So, they got married in London.
  8. 8. ...Her husband – Harry - was a true gentleman and took good care of her and so did she... She loved when it rained , but he didn’t.
  9. 9. ... He has never felt depressed since he met her and neither has she... He has learned to enjoy life better with her and so has she... They went scuba diving, horse back ridind, hiking, skiing, bungee jumpind, sky jumping and rock climbing in different places together...
  10. 10. ...Each day passed by very quickly, because she admired him more and more each day and so did he. Likewise, he was never sad and neither was she. He could sing and play, but she couldn’t. However, she loved to hear him singing... She adored him and so did he adore her. She couldn’t dance and neither did he. He would like to have a child with her and so would she. In other words, she was in love and so was he...
  11. 11. ...They were like two kids who were siblings when they were together.
  12. 12. ...So, since the day they met each other until this day, they have never been apart, they have never quarelled and they have never hurt each other’s feelings and they have never broken their vows of being faithful to one another. They have been in love since then and they probably will as long as they live, because love is only love when vows are not broken and when one lives to care for the other and vice versa...
  13. 13. T H A N K S F O R R E A D I N G “ T H E S O U L M A T E S ” B Y K A T H Y L Y N THE END
  14. 14. How about you? Have you ever had a crush on somebody? Yes, I have. When I was... years old, I... ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ No, I haven’t. However, one day... ____________________________ ____________________________
  15. 15. Book Report - How about you? - Comprehension Questions: 1. Is the author’s title interesting? ________________________________. 2. Who are the characters of the story? ______________________________. 3. How can the autor improve the story in your opinion? ________________. 4. Where does the story take place? ________________________________. 5. What new words have you learned with this book? ___________________. 6. If you could change any part of the book, what part would you like to change? ________________________________________________________. 7. What part of the book did you like most? __________________________. 8. What part of the book did you like least? __________________________. 9. Did you learn any lesson with this book? __________________________. 10. How can we improve relationships? _____________________________. 11. Who is responsible for making relationships last longer? ______________. 12. Summarize the story. This book is about... ________________________ 13. When does the story happen? __________________________________.
  16. 16. Cilt’s Students’ Literary Production Author: Kathylyn Editorial Supervisor: Teacher: Gerson A. Moura Illustrator/Artist: nidihi Publisher: Date: I Semester - Fall 2015 A project from ‘Cilt’s Writing Club’: “Café Literário” CILT: Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga