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B5 book 11 - rayane vieira


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An ESL/EFL literature book written by a teen brazilian english student from a public language center called CILT

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B5 book 11 - rayane vieira

  1. 1. CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga Animals CILT’s Writing Club Café Literário do CILT Rayane Vieira
  2. 2. MONKEYS Those are monkeys – They are from different species. They live in forests around the world and they eat banana and other fruits. They like to fool around on trees and they make a lot of noise in the jungle.
  3. 3. BIRDS These are birds – They are macaws and they are from Brazil, they live in the Amazon jungle. The Amazon is a very big tropical forest. They have colorful feathers over their bodies and they eat fruit from the forest, like nuts and papaya. They are very intelligent animals and can imitate different sounds and the human language.
  4. 4. BIRDS This is a penguim. It lives in cold places like the North Pole and the South Pole. It’s a bird, but it does not fly. It has special feathers to protect from the cold. It can swim very well and very fast. Penguins love to eat fish.
  5. 5. FROGS These are frogs. They live in ponds and they eat fly and other insects. They have big eyes, big mouth, long tongues and short legs. They don’t have fur, hair or feathers over their bodies.
  6. 6. PIGS Those are pigs. They live among the mud and they eat almost everything they can find.
  7. 7. HUMAN BEINGS That’s a human baby, it’s a boy. One day he will be a man. Man lives among the pollution and deforestation of the forests, that’s why they live in war.
  8. 8. T H A N K S F O R R E A D I N G “ A N I M A L S ” B Y R A Y A N E V I E I R A THE END
  9. 9. How about you? What is your favorite animal? Where does it live? What does it live? My favorite animal... ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ If you could be an animal, what animal would you like to be? I would like to be ... ____________________________ ___________________________
  10. 10. Comprehension Questions: 1. In the author’s ideal world, is there homework? ________________. 2. Are there peace and love in the author’s world? _______________. 3. Are there any new words you learned with this book? ___________. 4. What new words have you learned with this book? _____________. 5. If you could change any part of the book, what part would you like to change? _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________. 6. What part of the book did you like most? _________________________ 7. What part of the book did you like least? _________________________ 8. Did you learn any lesson with this book? __________________________ 9. How can we make this world better place to live? ____________________ 10. Who is responsible for making this world a better place to live? __________
  11. 11. Cilt’s Students’ Literary Production Author: Rayane Vieira Editorial Supervisor: Teacher: Gerson A. Moura Illustrator/artist: shishir Publisher: Date: I Semester - Fall 2015 A project from ‘Cilt’s Writing Club’: “Café Literário” CILT: Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga