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B5 book 11


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An unique story from the perspective of a teen writer.

Published in: Self Improvement
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B5 book 11

  1. 1. Sometimes, we may feel ‘excluded’ because of comments made by some people who just want our evil.
  2. 2. These people hurt our feelings by criticizing and mocking at our “different” way.
  3. 3. But we can not care about the type of comments that are not constructive or important for our life.
  4. 4. Because we are all different and that’s what makes us special .
  5. 5. And the most important you need to know is that God has made you well and God never makes mistakes!
  6. 6. No matter who you are or what you are, study and always think about your future. One day, for sure, you will be the boss of that person who hurt you in the past.
  7. 7. Be yourself, there is no one better!
  8. 8. THE END Author: Douglas Nogueira Editorial Supervisor: Teacher: Gerson A. Moura Illustrator: andymcnally Publisher: Period: II Semester - Summer 2014 A project from ‘Cilc’s Writing Club’: “Café Literário” CILC: Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Ceilândia