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B5 book 09 - brenda larissa


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An ESL/EFL literature book written by a teen brazilian english student from a public language center called CILT

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B5 book 09 - brenda larissa

  1. 1. CILT’s Writing Club Café Literário do CILT CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga Brenda Larissa The Rich Girl
  2. 2. ...Two friends got out of school and went to the city, but they didn’t notice that it was already too late...
  3. 3. ...Amanda, a very smart but ingenius girl convinced her friend Lúcia to stay there all night. They saw an old car and Lúcia started to laugh...
  4. 4. ...Amanda said that they shouldn’t laugh at people and call them ugly just because you’re rich... What makes one person better is his/her good character and not the money they have... The fact that she was richer didn’t make her better than others...
  5. 5. ...Lúcia was upset and thoughtful at first, but then she decided to change her way of being...
  6. 6. ...She told her father that she wanted to give some things for the needy ones.
  7. 7. ...Her friends were surprised seeing that her bad attitudes and prejudice towards those who were poorer than her had changed...
  8. 8. ... She felt so good and she learned the lesson tha we shouldn’t laugh at others, instead it is better to help them, because money does not make one person better or worse than the other, no one is better than the other and in the end we will end up in the same place.
  9. 9. THE END
  10. 10. T H A N K S F O R R E A D I N G “ T H E R I C H G I R L ” B Y B R E N D A L A R I S S A THE END
  11. 11. How about you? Have you ever had a crush on somebody? Yes, I have. When I was... years old, I... ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ No, I haven’t. However, one day... ____________________________ ____________________________
  12. 12. Book Report - How about you? - Comprehension Questions: 1. Is the author’s title interesting? ________________________________. 2. Who are the characters of the story? ______________________________. 3. How can the autor improve the story in your opinion? ________________. 4. Where does the story take place? ________________________________. 5. What new words have you learned with this book? ___________________. 6. If you could change any part of the book, what part would you like to change? ________________________________________________________. 7. What part of the book did you like most? __________________________. 8. What part of the book did you like least? __________________________. 9. Did you learn any lesson with this book? __________________________. 10. Have you ever felt ashamed for something you did, saw or said? _________. 11. Who is responsible for making relationships last longer? ______________. 12. Summarize the story. This book is about... ________________________ 13. When does the story happen? __________________________________.
  13. 13. Cilt’s Students’ Literary Production Author: Brenda Larissa Editorial Supervisor: Teacher: Gerson A. Moura Illustrator/Artist: moriahpariah Publisher: Date: I Semester - Fall 2015 A project from ‘Cilt’s Writing Club’: “Café Literário” CILT: Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga