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B4 book 07 - davi jesus -


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esl literature
A story written by an EFL student from a Brazilian public language center callet CILTworld

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B4 book 07 - davi jesus -

  1. 1. A Normal Life CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga Equipe da Sala de Recursos do CILT & SOE Artist: Nidihi Level: B4 Davi Jesus
  2. 2. John lives a happy life with his friends, going to parties and studying, like any other regular guy.
  3. 3. His best friend, Elise, is Always at his side, he is never left behind by her.
  4. 4. His biggest dream is to have a wife, children and a happy Family! He would be happy with this, even if he had only this.
  5. 5. Although he is deaf, he never gives on any of his dreams, because he knows that he has many other talents, intelligencies and abilities than a single defficiency and he also knows that it’s only a matter of time for him to find his perfect match, after all, he is a nice person and he has many friends he can count on.
  6. 6. So, Johns hears the world in a diferente way, a world with limited sounds, but never with infinite barriers. He has the privilegie of listening to music in silence and harmony in each vibration of a heart in love.
  7. 7. THE END