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B4 book 04 - caroline freitas - overcoming distances


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A story written by an EFL student from a Brazilian public language center callet CILT

Published in: Education
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B4 book 04 - caroline freitas - overcoming distances

  1. 1. Caroline Freitas CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga Equipe da Sala de Recursos do CILT & SOE Overcoming the DIstances Artist: PacalCampion B4
  2. 2. This is a story about a young boy. His name was Louis, he was 15 years old and he was a very interesting boy. He was very energetic and he liked all kinds of music. All the girls were crazy about him, because he was very handsome and cool.
  3. 3. He was also funy and he had he had a distant love, a girlfriend who lived in Brasilia and he lived in Rio Grande do Sul. His girlfriend’s name was Melissa, she was a very beautiful girl and every day they chatted on Skype. One day they decided to meet each other in person.
  4. 4. Time went by and as their love grew stronger, they wanted more and more to meet each other, that was their only dream. Melissa, even without have seen Louis, was already in love with Louis.
  5. 5. Finally, the big day came when they met each other in person. Louis bought a ticket to Brasilia and they arranged to meet at the City Park and they finally met each other. This was the day that love won the distance.
  6. 6. Melissa invited Louis to her house for him to meet her Family. Melissa’s Family liked Louis and everything worked out well. They were officially dating now and they were very happy and content.
  7. 7. Even being so young, they dreamed of staying together forever and having a Family. They loved each other a lot.
  8. 8. This is the proof that love overcomes any distance. This story is as true as the story of many other couples who overcame distance, but only with other names... The End!
  9. 9. THE END