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B2 book 12 - abilio p. c. neto - it's my world


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ESL Literary stories written by Brazilian english students from public language centers named: CILT & CILC

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B2 book 12 - abilio p. c. neto - it's my world

  1. 1. Abilio P. C. Neto Artist: Claudiocerri CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga Equipe da Sala de Recursos do CILT & SOE It’s My World... Level: B2
  2. 2. In my world there is not discrimination against ethnicity, religion, gender, different ideology or any other differences...
  3. 3. It’s a world where people respect the diferences...
  4. 4. ...there is friendship...
  5. 5. ...there is family...
  6. 6. ...there is adventure...
  7. 7. ...and there are happy people...
  8. 8. And yours? What is there in your world?
  9. 9. THE END