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B2 book 09 - barbara beatriz -


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ESL Literary stories written by Brazilian english students from public language centers named: CILT & CILC

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B2 book 09 - barbara beatriz -

  1. 1. Barbara Beatriz Level: B4 CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga “The Bill of Inventions” Artist: JuliusTan
  2. 2. “The Bill of Inventions”
  3. 3. On a hot day and there was a strange half ofender, who was dying of heat and decided to take a bath to relax.
  4. 4. At last, when his bath ended, he decided to read and suddenly he had the idea of inventing something. An invention that would maks mother feel proud of him.
  5. 5. Several people suggested him to invent potions to make people to stay more beautiful among other ideas...
  6. 6. Since he could not invent a formulae to make someone beautiful, he decided to sit next to the trunk of a tree and suddenly started to take a nap and slept.
  7. 7. And when he decided he would not invent anything anymore, his mother motivated him not to give up on his dreams...
  8. 8. So, he decided to keep on with his dream of inventing something and...
  9. 9. However, while he was looking through the lens of the machine he was building, he listened to a strange noise and was startled.
  10. 10. Then he saw that one of the robots was broken, so he hurried up to take care of it...
  11. 11. When he finally got to repair the robot he was very tired and because he had worked full night he fall asleep and the robot he was fixing took care of him...
  12. 12. “The last reward to those who read this bill of inventions is the motivation to never give up on your dreams...
  13. 13. THE END