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B2 book 08 - renata aguiar - a menina que sonhava


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ESL Literary stories written by Brazilian english students from public language centers named: CILT & CILC

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B2 book 08 - renata aguiar - a menina que sonhava

  1. 1. The Girl Who Dreamed of An Ideal World... Renata Aguiar Equipe da Sala de Recursos do CILT & SOECILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga Artist: Littlepinkpebble B2
  2. 2. Once, there was a girl who – while she played with her toys – dreamed of a colorful world. It was a fantasy world, but a world which she tought should be real, a world in which everything was decorated with her criativity.
  3. 3. She thought of a world where humans had wings and lived in Paradise.
  4. 4. It was a world in which a trip was not just from one city to another or even from one country to another. It was a trip to know the world of other people.
  5. 5. It was a world in which even not understanding what the others were doing, each one respected and admired, for it was the world of another being, of another somebody.
  6. 6. The world which the little girl dreamed of was really an ideal world...
  7. 7. ... In fact it was so ideal, that it was only her world.
  8. 8. THE END