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B1 book 07 - isabela lisboa


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An esl text introducing family.

Published in: Education
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B1 book 07 - isabela lisboa

  1. 1. Isabela Lisboa Equipe da Sala de Recursos do CILT & SOE Artist: Jformentelli CILT – Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Taguatinga B1 My Life with my Family
  2. 2. Hello! My name is Isabela, I am twelve years old and I live with my family.
  3. 3. I live with my mother, my father and my brother. I have long, brown, wavy hair.
  4. 4. I often help my mother in tidying up the house and my mother always helps me with my homework on lessons that I find difficult. I don’t like to study a lot, but I have to study even not liking it.
  5. 5. My mother Iikes my cousin and she usually puts him to watch cartoons on the cell phone or on the T.V when she takes care of him.
  6. 6. My father Works all day as a manager and he has lunch in the afternoon.
  7. 7. My brother is eighteen years old and he is studying to be a police.
  8. 8. I love my Family!
  9. 9. THE END