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Final Project


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Final Project

  1. 1. WebDev2 Final Project - 2nd QuarterInitial TemplatesRequirements Checklist Homepage template 3 Internal page templates External style sheets (as needed) Progress report (narrative format, essay)Guidelines1. Use your website architecture to make your navigation menus (actual name of site sections and pages)2. Include visual elements like color schemes, fonts, and logos/graphics into your templates to suggest your client’s theme3. Use actual articles and photos which are close to your site content (look for images in the web, and plug in random news articles for example)4. Remember your page structure and interface design principles (“you are here” markers, consistent and clear titles, functional regions, grid layouts, page widths)5. Make it cross-browser compatible as much as possible6. Utilize semantic mark-up for your HTML code (i.e. <p> for bodytext, <h1> for titles, etc)Submission Info• Early bird submission on October 17, 4:00pm (plus 5%)• Deadline on October 19, 4:00pm• Late submissions will not be accepted• Put everything in a folder/zip file named Section X (section name + group letter, e.g. CharmElectron G, GluonGraviton A, etc)• USB/CD/email submissions only