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The Canary in the Coalmine - What governments need to learn from Social


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Doing social media right is one thing. But the underlying dynamics of social and the impact it has had can teach us much more about where the world is heading. So governments shouldn't just figure out what to do on Facebook, but ask more fundamental questions.
I gave this talk at Social Media Week Rotterdam 2015.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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The Canary in the Coalmine - What governments need to learn from Social

  2. 2. My Past…
  3. 3. But also…
  4. 4. H E L L O I am I help organisations make the most of the impact of ‘digital ‘.
  5. 5. Social Media is The Canary. It’s showing us in which direction the world is changing. We need to learn from The Canary, in order to survive the Coalmine.
  7. 7. Personalisation 1
  8. 8. Personalised Communications. No size fits all.
  9. 9. Feed The Feed
  10. 10. You don’t reach anybody. You earn somebody.
  11. 11. From push to pull 
 to earned push
  12. 12. Personalised Services
  13. 13. We need to wonder… How can governments deliver personalised communication + personalised services to increase relevance?
  14. 14. Digital Identity 2
  15. 15. From surfing the web…
  16. 16. … to digital profiles Username GOPassword
  17. 17. Who needs passwords?
  18. 18. A-account
  19. 19. Identity as an API: “log in with”
  20. 20. “e-Residency offers to every world citizen a government- issued digital identity and the opportunity to run a trusted company online, unleashing the world’s entrepreneurial potential.” -
  21. 21. We need to wonder… What identity services do we offer? How can we get to know our people? What does identity mean in a digital world?
  22. 22. Transparency 3
  23. 23. Data is Open by Default
  24. 24. The fight for personal data
  25. 25. Why people use social login
  26. 26. We need to wonder… How can governments win trust? Who owns people’s data?
  27. 27. Co-culture 4
  28. 28. Impact on information creation source:
  29. 29. From “to” to “with”.
  30. 30. We need to wonder… How can we unlock people’s potential? How can we embed ‘co- culture’ in everything we do?
  31. 31. The Audience With An Audience 5
  32. 32. We capture, we share
  33. 33. Self-publishing heroes
  34. 34. Can you let other people say it?
  35. 35. From Pageviews to Share Value
  36. 36. “A company without a story is a company without a strategy.” - Marc Andreessen
  37. 37. We need to wonder… Are our communications and services shareable? What does brand ambassador mean for a government?
  38. 38. Intermezzo: Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast i
  39. 39. “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” - Jack Welch, ex-CEO General Electric
  40. 40. Everything starts with the user 6
  41. 41. Convenience + speed
  42. 42. Do you understand your users?
  43. 43. We need to wonder…
  44. 44. Small + quick = beautiful 7
  45. 45. 50 Per month Average changes to Google search algorithm
  46. 46. “We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.” - Herb Kelleher Southwest Airlines
  47. 47. Lean Start-Up
  48. 48. How can we become more agile & flexible? How can we make things that are never finished? We need to wonder
  49. 49. Be a platform 8
  50. 50. “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory.
 Airbnb, largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.” - Tom Goodwin, senior VP of strategy & innovation at Havas Media
  51. 51. Who needs hotels? Source: 0 1,75 3,5 5,25 7 Days spent in Berlin AirBnB Hotels 0 225 450 675 900 Money spent in Berlin AirBnB Hotels
  52. 52. Who needs banks?
  53. 53. Ping pong paddles anyone?
  54. 54. “Citizens are connected like never before and have the skill sets and passion to solve problems affecting them locally as well as nationally. Government information and services can be provided to citizens where and when they need them. In this model, government is a convener and an enabler rather than the first mover of civic action.” - Tim O’Reilly
  55. 55. aOS = Antwerp Operating System
  56. 56. We need to wonder… Is it government’s job to build websites or apps? Shouldn’t we build good frameworks & APIs?
  57. 57. Finally f
  58. 58. Culture spreads through people Image:
  59. 59. Define Next Steps on 3 Levels Culture For Digital Context Digital Strategy SocMed Strategy
  60. 60. They were 8 when YouTube launched. 1997 Year of birth for people turning 18 this year.
  61. 61. QUESTIONS? >> +32 491 354 365 @gerriesmits