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Getting \'Social‘: Using Today\'s Media for Business, Networking and Job Hunting


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Using social media for business networking and job hunting. Making LinkedIn work for you.

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Getting \'Social‘: Using Today\'s Media for Business, Networking and Job Hunting

  1. 1. Getting Social‘: Using Todays Media for Business,Networking and Job Hunting
  2. 2. Everyone wants to DO IT
  3. 3. But most DON’TKNOW HOW
  4. 4. Why should youDO social media?
  5. 5. Because it’s theway of theworld!
  6. 6. And it’s INSANE!
  7. 7. And it’s INSANE! 906 million hours/monthspent on social networks and blogs(Source:Nielson Net View)
  8. 8. And it’s INSANE! 906 600 million million hours/month people onspent on social Facebook networks and blogs(Source: (Source:Nielson Net View)
  9. 9. And it’s INSANE! 906 600 over million million 40 hours/month people onspent on social Facebook million networks and people on blogs Twitter(Source: (Source:Nielson Net View) (Source: ClickZ)
  10. 10. And it’s INSANE! 906 600 over 100 million million 40 million hours/month people on videos viewedspent on social Facebook million on YouTube networks and people on every day blogs Twitter(Source:Nielson Net View) (Source: (Source: (Source: ClickZ)
  11. 11. 70% of the world’s population have mobile phones 57% of people talk more on-line than in real life
  12. 12. Brandsare using social mediato find you.
  13. 13. 19,210,446 Followers 18,768,032 Followers 426,890 Followers They PROMOTE, ATTRACT and ENGAGE!
  14. 14. You too can use social media toPromote Your Personal Brand!
  15. 15. Position Yourself in the social network Become a Thought Leader
  16. 16. How Can You Do This?
  17. 17. The mother of all networking sites
  18. 18. 90 million members in 140 industries 80% of companiesuse LinkedIn as a tool to find employees
  19. 19. Maximize the power of LinkedInto find a job and let yourself be found!
  20. 20. Start with the basics
  21. 21. Build aDynamic Profile
  22. 22. Create a strong headlineBuild your networkPost updatesGet recommendationsAsk and answer questionsJoin and participate ingroupsCreate a custom URL
  23. 23. Focus onThe Summary You’ve only got 30 seconds!
  24. 24. The Power of LinkedIn
  25. 25. Ten Ways to Use LinkedInto Find a Job Guy Kawasaki, Co-founder of Alltop.com1. Get the word out.2. Find out where people with your background are working.3. Find out where people at a company came from.4. Find out where people at a company go next.5. Check if a company is still hiring.6. Get to the hiring manager.7. Get to the right HR person.8. Find out the secret job requirements.9. Find startups to join.10. Build your network now, before you need it.
  26. 26. And don’t forget, LinkedIn has it’s own job portal
  27. 27. If you’re notactively engaged on LinkedIn for at least 1 HOUR every day, thenyou’re not doing everything youcan to find a job!
  28. 28. 410.409.7061 Gerri Baum