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Calb Presentation


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This is a brief introduction of our company.

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Calb Presentation

  1. 1. China Aviation Lithium Battery., Ltd (CALB) is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, who has achieved abundant experiencein hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicle industry, renewable energy storage industry and so on. CALB
  2. 2. Largest Lithium Ferrous PhosphateBattery Manufacture In ChinaDedicate to the Environment
  3. 3. Preview1 Company Introduction2 Product3 Research and Development4 Market and Application CALB
  4. 4. Ⅰ. Company Introduction
  5. 5. China Aviation Lithium Battery., Ltd (CALB) is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, who has achieved abundant experiencein hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicle industry, renewable energy storage industry and so on. Golden Global Lithium Battery Supplier Advanced Technology Reliable Quality Full Customer Satisfaction
  6. 6. CALB Capitalization Construction 12 Chengfei Integration Technology Company 10 2009 Registered Capital ¥1,000,000,000 8 LOEC 6 Registered Capital 300 Milo. RMB Registered Capital 4 2010 LOEC ¥ 300,000,000 Chengfei Integration 2 Technology Company Registered Capital 0 1billion. RMB 2007 2008 2009 2010 12/23/2010 CALB 5
  7. 7. 12/23/2010 6
  8. 8. Product: SE100AHA Model:SH100AHA Nominal Capacity(Ah) 100 Nominal Voltage(v) 3.2 Internal Impendance(1khz AC ,mΩ) ≤0.9 Charging Cut-off Voltage(CCCV Model,V) 3.6 Discharging Cut-off Voltage(v) 2.5 Recommend Charging-Discharging Current 30 (0.3C,A) Maximum short-tine Discharging Current 800 (period≤10s,A) Life Cycle(0.3C Charging- 2000 discharging,80%DDC) Charging 0℃~45℃ Operating Thermal Ambient Discharging -20℃~55℃ Storage Thermal Ambient -20℃~45℃ Weight(kg) 3.2±0.1kg Shell Material Plastic12/23/2010 CALB 14
  9. 9. Research and Development The Advantages of our Product Large Capacity Good Safety per Unit Long Cycle Low Self- Life CALB Discharge Rate High Plenty Energy Application Ratio Experience 12/23/2010 CALB 20
  10. 10. Safety Test QC/T743-2006Single-battery safety test: No explosion ,no fireCrush Nail penetration overcharge shortcircuitBattery Pack No explosion ,no fireCrush Nail penetration 12/23/2010 CALB 21
  11. 11. Test Report MSDS Transport Certificate ISO9001 MSDS Transport Certificate 12/23/2010 CALB 27
  12. 12. Ⅲ. Research and Development
  13. 13. PRODUCT PATENT Design 5 Patents Related Processing 4 Patents 4 Patents Technology 8 Patents From Dec. 2007 ~ Nov.2009, 21 Patents registered12/23/2010 CALB 24
  14. 14. Pre-sale Service and Support Comprehensive pre-sale technical service and support -Provide Various Battery Applcation Design Proposal Battery Pack design with customers’ requirement. Design BMS and Exterior Protection Circuit matched with battery pack. Battery design with customers’ electric apparatus requirement . Optimize the battery formula and optimal its Price to performance ratio . 12/23/2010 CALB 22
  15. 15. Collaborative Research and Development Research and Development BMS With PRETTL Group 12/23/2010 CALB 31
  16. 16. Collaborative Research and Development Technical Cooperation with University and Institute Northwestern polytechnical University Beijing Institute of Technology Tsinghua University Beijing Jiao tong University Harbin Institute of Technology Hefei University of Technology Henan University of Technology 12/23/2010 CALB 32
  17. 17. Ⅴ. Market and Application
  18. 18. 36
  19. 19. Electric Vehicles 12/23/2010 CALB 37
  20. 20. Electric Vehicles 12/23/2010 CALB 38
  21. 21. Electric Vehicles 2008EV Police car served for Expo 2010 Shanghai China 12/23/2010 CALB 39
  22. 22. Electric Vehicles Passenger Car 扬州亚星 川汽集团 12/23/2010 CALB 41
  23. 23. Electric Vehicles Electric Boat lift truck Paris, France Served for the Airport of Gemany 12/23/2010 CALB 42
  24. 24. Overseas Customer12/23/2010 CALB 35
  25. 25. Energy StorageUPS communication base station Solar energy application Energy Storage Power station 12/23/2010 CALB 43
  26. 26. Energy Storage Peak Regulation and Frequency Regulation Project 12/23/2010 CALB 45
  27. 27. Energy Storage Wind and solar Power Energy Project Zhangbei ·Hebei 12/23/2010 CALB 46
  28. 28. Locomotive Locomotive Application Battery Case 12/23/2010 CALB 47
  29. 29. Military ApplicationsGlobal Positioning System Battery Type: 70Ah Quantity: 7 Pieces Floating Charge Voltage: 23.8 V Energy Storage Capacity: 1.6 kWh 12/23/2010 CALB 50
  30. 30. CALB North American Branch: Go global Market expanding in U.S
  31. 31. After Service and Support After Service and Support —Guarantee the success of Battery Application • In the process of product delivery, CALB will send Product professional technical engineer to site, responsible for the installation and debugging to ensure the electric vehicle and Delivery Service current supply device of customers could be used in time so as to ensure the product delivery. Customer • CALB will Instruct and train the knowledge of installation and battery applied technology, and provide guiding script related Training Service to battery usage and maintenance for customers. • CALB will provide 24 hours technical consultant service, if Timely response necessary CALB will send professional technicists to site in Service 24 hours(inside the province or 3 working days (outside the province) • CALB will Proactively Contact with customers per Timely Return month, wholly grasp customers’ demand related to battery Visit Service , and send technicists to maintain the battery at site if necessary.12/23/2010 CALB 23
  32. 32. Goverment Concern July 10, Chinese President Hu Jintao Visited China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd (CALB)12/23/2010 CALB 8
  33. 33. Goverment ConcernMember of the 10th CPPCC Standing Committee,Vice Chairman of China Zhi Gong Party, Minister ofScience and Technology of China Wan Gang Visited China Aviation Lithium Battery., Ltd (CALB) onAugust 12,2010. 12/23/2010 CALB 9
  34. 34. CALB Layout12/23/2010 CALB 4
  35. 35. 12/23/2010 CALB 37