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The Spark Female Fever


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Published in: Technology, Business, Automotive
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The Spark Female Fever

  1. 1. the spark.female fever.
  2. 2. The consumer is yourwife, sister, mother,girlfriend, niece…According to Beyoncé, it’s girls who run the world. And guess what? They’re worth more than theAnd looking at recent research, she is probably right. entire Japanese economy*.Worldwide, women are responsible for nearly four But it’s an influence that reaches far beyond thetimes as much consumer spending as China and hard numbers. The stereotypical ‘chat over theIndia combined. Moreover, women around the world garden fence’ of yesteryear has evolved into aare getting wealthier and splashing more cash than social influence that can dictate the rise or fall ofever before. brands. Women talk about brands about 92 times in the course of a week; and 96% of women willTheir control over where the money goes should not recommend a product to a friend if they like it.†be under-estimated. Just look at the figures: So what are brands doing to acknowledge the rise in∙ UK Mumsnet research amongst mums and dads female spending power and persuasion? shows that the better half is responsible for 46% of family finance decisions. *Source: Newsweek, July 2010 † Source: NBC Universal, Sept 2010.In the USA, women…∙ are responsible for 85% of all consumer purchases∙ make 92% of vacation purchases∙ own 51% of all personal wealth
  3. 3. Leather chrome engine oilwhat could be more feminine?Harley Davidson’s dedicated programme for ‘garage parties’ are designed to give womenfemale riders isn’t just a girly makeover of its inside tips. And there is now a range of Harleytraditionally mongrel product. The dealerships motorcycles with narrower seats, softer clutches,now have washrooms and play areas for children; adjustable handlebars and lowered frames so thatthere are brighter colours in the clothing range; women can plant their feet firmly on the floor.even the famous Harley skull has been re- In 1990, 4% of all Harley Davidson motorcyclesdesigned with tattoo-styled wings and flowers. purchased were by women. Today they accountBut it doesn’t end there. The brand has created for nearly 12% of new Harley Davidson sales inan online mentoring programme for women riders the teach each other riding skills. Its dealer-hosted Are you staring in the face of a completely untapped market? What could you do to your own product or sales experience that would break the male stereotypes and invite women in?
  4. 4. Old Spice Old Spice’s famously awarded campaign breathed new life into an ailing male cosmetics brand. But not by targeting men. The secret to its success lay as much in the fact that it spoke to women as in its brilliant writing, casting and social networking. ‘The man your man could smell like’ was the lock-up for the whole campaign, fronted by the perfectly honed Isaiah Mustafa wearing nothing but a bath towel. for women. It’s a simple equation: women buy cologne for their men, so run a campaign that talks to them rather than their partners. The question to ask yourself: men might be the end-user for your products, but who’s really making the purchase decision? Is Old Spice the brand your brand could sell like?
  5. 5. A credit card thatmen just don’t get.With its tagline ‘The men don’t get it’, Singaporean United Overseas Bankhas tapped right into the mindset of independent women with its Lady’s Card.The card is only available to women over 21 and earning a minimum of$30,000. For a small annual fee, membership includes a range of exclusivefemale-friendly health and beauty perks. These range from complimentaryaccess to fitness classes and Air Miles rewards to discounts on beauty services,travel, restaurants and shops.Could you re-structureany of your ownproducts to makethem more attractiveto women – and thenget them to pay forthe privilege?
  6. 6. Chateau la femme.The appreciation of fine wine is traditionally Does the image of your sector or productsassociated with stuffy, tweedy chaps. So it’s lightly put women off getting involved? Wouldrefreshing to discover a group of women who are a woman-only approach remove a barriertreading all over that particular variety of cliché. to entry? Could it open up a whole new channel of profitability?Based in Southern California, Keyways Vineyardis owned and operated by women, and runsa women-only wine club.Monthly meetings of the club’s ‘Chix’ might includewine-tasting, food, networking, education on wineand women’s topics, as well as games and a wholelot of fun.Perks include a 20% discount on wine and giftsplus a 10% discount on events at the winery.
  7. 7. They’ve gotWOMEN covered.In a male-dominated sector, it’s good to finda company that understands how women canhave different financial concerns from men.Fenomenal Woman has developed a portfolioof life insurance products that are structuredspecifically to meet the particular concernsof women.Their features include Female Trauma coveras well as a Baby Bonus. The differing concerns between men and women are usually blindingly obvious but often over-looked. Do you know what the differentiating factors might be in your sector? Are your products striking the right note with women, giving them what they really need? Are you putting your products in the right context for women’s lives in your communications?
  8. 8. Putting mums in thedriving seat.Insight is a wonderful thing. Did you know that The key is not to assume that men44% of pregnant women will buy a new car before hold the purse strings when it comes tothe birth, whilst 39% of them will do so during household purchases. The responsibilitytheir baby’s first six months? for financial decision-making can shift from man to woman, purely on contextAnd they don’t even defer to their other halves or life-stage. Do you really know who’sin their choice? in charge? And when?We used this insight to introduce SEAT cars towomen at exactly the moment their minds wereon childbirth and babies. Our cute talking babycaught lots of attention amongst the pages ofthe Bounty website. And he gave us license totalk about the cars from a uniquely parentalperspective.
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