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Market Samurai Tool - Relevant Keyword Research


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Market Samurai Tool. Keyword research tool.

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Market Samurai Tool - Relevant Keyword Research

  1. 1. Search for Relevant Keywords
  2. 2.  Understanding the keyword research process The Four Golden Rules of keyword research How to use Market Samurai to generate a list of relevant keywords
  3. 3.  Use negative keywords to eliminate all phrases containing a particular word that you’re not interested in E.g. I’m not interested in dog collars ◦ Click on the word ‘collar’ (You’ll notice that the program underlines the word to show that it’s selected) ◦ Click on the cross icon
  4. 4.  The second way to improve the relevance of your keyword list is to identify positive keyword phrases. This will eliminate all phrases except those containing a particular word.
  5. 5.  Change the phrase length filter from 1 to 3 Filtered out 32 keywords All my phrases now contain at least 3 keywords.
  6. 6. If you want to returnto the generatekeywords screen
  7. 7.  PBR is a way to eliminate misleading and dangerous keyword phrases that Google can sometimes return
  8. 8. The lower the PBR, themore likely it is that aphrase contains wordsin the wrong order.
  9. 9. ‘dog train’ has a PBRof 6% w/c means thatit is not really a phrasethat people are typinginto the searchengines.
  10. 10.  Setting a PBR filter of 15% is a great way to eliminate any misleading keyword phrases
  11. 11. shows the averagenumber of peoplewho search for aparticular keywordeach day
  12. 12. SEO Traffic which gives youan indication of themaximum daily visitorsthat the #1 ranked websitein Google could potentiallyreceive from each keyword
  13. 13. provides a visual representationof the monthly traffic trends foreach keyword.
  14. 14. Used to identify keywordsthat have significant levelsof traffic and are worthtargeting
  15. 15. Filter out any keywordsthat do not have thepotential to deliver at least80 visitors per day, to thenumber 1 ranked websitein Google
  16. 16. Set a Phrase to Broad match filterof 15% to filter out anymisleading terms from Google.