Is Legit?


Published on is a legit company. It is not a bogus site like others are claiming it to be. It’s a great company where you can experience accuracy and convenience at its finest!

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Is Legit?

  1. 1. is Legit!It is definitely not a SCAM! When a friend told me that I could still max out the value of my broken iPhone 3GSthrough, I was very ecstatic. I mean, I didn‟t know someone would stilltake interest in my old device. I thought: “Hey! If I could get a little money in exchange for myiPhone, then why wouldn‟t I grab it?” So off I went! But to my dismay, when I typed, my eye caught a link whoseheadline suggested that the is a scam. Of course, I became a littleapprehensive. I mean, it was true that my iPhone 3GS was practically worthless to me, but Idid not want to give it to somebody else just like that. My determination prompted me to make a brief background check on the website. Isearched some online discussion boards and review forums and I was surprised by what I foundout., just one of the divisions of this revolutionary company to firstintroduce the nature of an electronics refurbishment industry, supports what its mothercompany (Laptop and Desktop Repair LLC) upholds by informing consumers of a wide array ofchoices they can make in availing of newer and better gadgets without spending hundreds ofdollars and consequently, discarding total e-scraps to their closets and chest drawers. What most of the people do not know is that the components of these electrical devices,when not in use or improperly disposed of, sets a significant amount of risk among us for thesecontain contaminants such as lead, cadmium, mercury, brominated flame retardants and etc.Even their names alone indicate a certain pitch of danger and caution. And heres a freezingthought: e-wastes even include computers, laptops, smart phones, iPads and iPhones! That means that cashforiphones is not a scam. I also found that they are a licensedmember of the TrustE. Not only that, they also have other standard regulating symbolsembedded on their webpages like VeriSign Secured and Green Certified. See? If they were abogus site, nobody would give them a license or even a decent certification for them to operatelegally. When I brought the issue to some of my friends, they advised me to just shrug it off.They told me that they have already tried their online selling process and that everything wentsmoothly. In addition to that, they said that there really are detractors who use blogs, forums,and other networking sites to pull down a company. Because these people can be „anonymous‟,there is no way to know the truth.
  2. 2. If they really want to complain, then they should contact the customer servicedepartment to have the problem solved. I am sure that these people are more than willing tohelp them. The bottom line is is a legit company. It is not a bogus site likeothers are claiming it to be. It‟s a great company where you can experience accuracy andconvenience at its finest!