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How Do I Do a Keyword Research


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Here's a simple outline on how do I do a keyword research

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  • How come not one #SEO expert has ever been able to give me a longtali keyword . One charlatan told me 'cincinnati attorney'
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  • appreciate your feedback. i believe we all have different ways in doing a keyword research. This is just the basic stuff, i didn't include other tools like spyfu, market samurai and others. What's more important to me is that this process works for me and I think the slides 13,14 and 16 are just my own way of doing it. Measuring the occurrences in search result works for me and i think you should test doing it as well. :)
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  • Some good points here!

    I'd have to disagree with slides 13, 14 and 16 where you're using search result occurrences as a measure of competition. Query data is the only true metric for determining competition. Start an AdWords campaign for the target keyword by itself using phrase match type for a week or two to get a better feel for the landscape. I also like using Webmaster Tools query data to gain insights about impression share and guess at actual search volumes.

    Here's a link to a Keyword Research video that might help your readers see how we use competitor info from SEMRush (my fav too BTW): here's video 2 of 2:

    Keep up the great work!
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How Do I Do a Keyword Research

  1. 1. It all begins with words typed into a search box.Keyword Research
  2. 2. 3 Important Things Author Your Relevancy Enrich Your Volume Deliver Your Competition Presentation Presentation Presentation It’s about getting the right kind of visitors
  3. 3. Keyword RelevancyIdentify phrases that are most relevant to the content on site.
  4. 4. Ask yourself… Is the keyword relevant to your websites content? Think about your Websites Goals • E-Commerce (Sales, Purchase) • Recommerce (Leads) • Information (Visits)Relevancy Think about your Users Queries • E-Commerce (Sale, Buy, Purchase, Cheap) • Recommerce (My, Your) • Information (Visits) • Questions (Where? How? What?)
  5. 5. Use Google Keyword Tool… Generate keyword ideas…Relevancy
  6. 6. Use Google Keyword Tool… Filter the results…Relevancy
  7. 7. Relevancy Google Suggest… The best way to get ‘Long Tail’ keywords
  8. 8. Relevancy Contextual Targeting… Adwords -> Tools and Analysis -> Contextual Targeting Tool
  9. 9. Keyword Volume Analyze volume, trend of your keywords
  10. 10. Google Trends… Check what’s hot…Volume
  11. 11. Use Google Keyword Tool… Pick keywords…Volume Relevant Keywords with 1K above Local Monthly Searches = Win!
  12. 12. Keyword Competition What’s your competitor doing?
  13. 13. Google Search Result… The Lower the Better…Volume Relevant Keywords with > 2M = Win!
  14. 14. Google Search Result… Go for Phrase…Volume Relevant Keywords with > 2M = Win!
  15. 15. Check your Competitors KWs… This is where the gold mine…Volume SEMRush is the Best Tool for “Spying” Competitors Keywords
  16. 16. Build a Keyword DB Filter Results…. Yes/No Keywords Local Monthly Searches Difficulty Google Result Competitor laptop parts 4400 High 7580000 Yes dell laptop parts 1000 High 324000 Yes compaq laptop parts 110 High 3670000 Yes used laptop parts 170 High 41,800,000 YesTop laptop parts warehouse 170 High 5890000 YesKeywords hp laptop parts 1300 High 333,000 Yes hp laptop replacement parts 210 High 7,630,000 Yes toshiba laptop parts 1300 High 379000 Yes laptop computer parts 140 High 44000000 Yes dell laptop replacement parts 140 High 1710000 Yes
  17. 17. It’s not just ‘English’… It’s about Relevancy and Common Sense… THANK YOU!Questions? Follow me @GDTALAMPAS && Visit my website GEROMMETALAMPAS.COM