Cash For iPhones Review 'The Best Recycling Company'


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If you have a battered iPhone that no longer seems to be of good use to you, you can sell it to Cash For iPhones and get yourself a beautiful chance of earning easy cash in the simplest online transaction ever.

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  • No. Cash for iPhones is one of the worst truthfully. They lure you in with high prices then send you an extremely low bid unless your phone is flawless. And if you think its flawless, they will find something wrong with hit. I had 'light scratches on the front and back of my phone, barely noticeable. They bumped my original $210 offer down to $110. Now they will not send me my phone back. Its complete thievery. I will never recommend selling to them. Gazelle is more truthful but honestly if your phone is in average condition or better sell it on craigslist or ebay. do NOT use cash for iphones. Not to mention i sent my item out the day they sent the box and it didnt reach vegas for 14 days...
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Cash For iPhones Review 'The Best Recycling Company'

  1. 1. Cash for iPhones Review!The Best Recycling Company, that is!Owning a new iPhone is glory in itself. But do you know what is greater than that? To own a used,old, or even broken iPhone! Why? If you have a battered iPhone that no longer seems to be of gooduse to you, you can sell it to and get yourself a beautiful chance of earning easycash in the simplest online transaction ever. Let me give you a short lecture here about thepossibilities. Instead of you having to repair your iPhone, and be blown away with outrageous repaircosts, you can get money by trading it in using the online transaction. A lot of online companies outthere are lurking all over the web, but there are only few whom you can trust. How about EBay orCraigslist? Well, they are both legitimate sites, but the chances of getting your iPhone sold there arevery slim, and you could be in for a very long wait. You are actually lucky if someone expresses aninterest with your phone in a matter of two weeks. So what if you badly need the money? At, you can do exactly that by following their four clear and easy-to-follow instructions for online selling. Yes! No more of that tedious coaxing of who is willing to buyyour tacky iPhone. In less than a minute, you can finish their online transaction. And if you have noapprehensions about their operations, you can finish it in seconds! That’s how easy selling is! Let me give you the steps of the online selling process:1. Indicate the model and condition of your iPhone2. Get an instant quote online.3. Fill out the online shipping and packaging form.4. Get cash- either through mailed check or via your PayPal account! Let me orient you of the real nature of online refurbishment companies. When you sell yourused or old iPhone to a third party website like, you know that whatever thecondition of your unit is in, it will surely be refurbished and be resold to others who might find greatvalue in it.’s mission is to keep those used or old gadgets from occupying thespaces of our local landfills. They take the responsibility of recycling your devices for you. But don’t
  2. 2. think that it will just throw money in exchange for those electronic scraps. as a neighborhood program designed to serve you. And it needs your help. Notin the sense of you patronizing the business, but you partaking in doing something for a noblepurpose. With these old contraptions in circulation, there will be less e-wastes that take up preciousspace in our landfills. When gadgets are recycled, there will be cheaper and greener electronics. It isnot cool to own a brand spanking new gizmo if in the end it takes a toll both in our lives and the lifeof the planet. Let this be the moment of strict conviction. Sell your iPhone at!