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Newspaper october20101


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Published in: Education
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Newspaper october20101

  1. 1. Spartan Insider Issue 1: October 2010 Dr. Farrar’s Interview Q. How long have Q. Do you like work- you been a principal? ing at Whitin? Inside this issue: A. This is my fourth A. I love working at year being a princi- Whitin! School 2 pal. Q. What school did Recipe 2 Q. If you could you work at for your change jobs what first job as Change 3 would it be? a principal? A. The announcer at A. Whitin Middle New and Old 4 a baseball game. School Q. What do you think Q. What is some- Horoscopes/ 5 kids need to work on? thing unusual Fun & Games A .Attitude, Effort, about yourself? and Respect A. I can do a Art & Comics 6 Q. Why did you want pretty awesome to become a baby cry imita- How To 7 principal? tion! A. So I could get to Web & Books 8 know kids and par- ents more, and to get Staff: to know the school more. Kyle Alger Steven Alger Abishek Arokiadoss Courtney Bond Callie Bucchino Pinwheels for Peace Lucais Cannalonga September 21 is Peace Olivia Caldwell Day. A pinwheel is a childhood symbol for Brianna Doherty peace. Kyle Gauthier Alanis-Lou Langlois Sophie Lynch Jessica Rice Matt Robertson Cassie Snay
  2. 2. Spartan Insider page 2 If I Were Principal... Science News Studying Tips You have a big test school, try to fit in some If you were principal in Whitin 7th & 8th grade students will partici- coming up and you have no studying. for the day, what would you pate in the Blackstone Valley STEMkids idea what to do! It’s already do? We interviewed some Conference at Tufts-Cummings School -If you have directed study, Wednesday, and you have students to ask them what in Grafton on Saturday, October 30th. try to fit in some studying baseball on Thursday and they would do for a day. Mrs. Beane and Ms. Daugherty will ac- after you work on some basketball today after school! company the students at the confer- homework. “If I were principal for the How can you fit in everything day, I would give out free ence. Workshops will feature a variety by Friday? -Call up a friend and ask if candy and allow students to of science, technology, engineering and you can study with them. Just follow these steps and not have to have homework. ” math activities and demonstrations. you’ll be ready for that test -In free time, have a class- -Callie Bucchino Students who will be attending: Jack- on Friday: mate quiz you. “I would make the lockers son Wright, Robert Wondolowski, Cailee King, Lucas Pomeroy, Drew Abbott, -Study on the way to your Good Luck! bigger and extend lunch practice or dance class. time.” -Courtney Bond David Lozeau, Mikayla Rooney, Travis Brown, Abby Centrella, Osvaldo Luna, -When you have free time in “Shorten up the homework, Allison Cotter, and Rebecca Dubovsky. make lunch more fun, have a long recess, and shorten up the tine for subjects.” -Lucais Cannalonga “Cancel School.” -Sam Nolan National Guard and Our School This year in sixth grade the National Guard will come to teach us about the decisions we make in life and choosing a drug free life. In this lesson, we will learn about the many kinds of drugs and their effects. We thank you National Guard! :) Recipe And sweet treats: Healthy brownie is this month’s recipe ingredients I experimented with this recipe and found out This recipe Buy any brownie that 1/2 the people chose the healthy brownie helped a woman mix you want. over an original brownie. What was interesting on Dr. Oz lose Do not use any about the results was that at a cookout event, 240 lb. She anything on back. Add 1/4 of a cup 9/10 people liked the original brownie more said, “The of black beans. than the healthy one—that was a question recipes I Also add half a mark over my head! I loved the brownies, but found were can of your favor- I want to know what you think of them. If you strange but ite soda .Then make these at home, please send in how many very good.” bake and enjoy! people liked them or not. I will surprise you with next month’s recipe.
  3. 3. Spartan Insider page 3 Issue 1: October 2010 Change (A Fiction Story) Chapter 1 straightened up, baf- want to go to school; I thing happened. It was fled at what’d just had MCAS today. I like watching a movie; The night of happened. Whatever. got up, bracing myself the cat opened its mouth my thirteenth birth- It was nothing. I went for the pain… nothing. tasting the air. Mouse! day was very weird. It was exactly midnight, into the bathroom to Then I thought cat… My head darted to the brush my hair then cat…cat. Suddenly side and the scuffling and I had woken up the pain came again. I the dark wood floor noise stopped. A few from a beautiful doubled over and of my bedroom was minutes of silence and dream. In my dream, I threw up into the sink. rushing up at me. I the mouse was scamper- was an owl, a cheetah, walked up to my floor ing around again. I a horse, a dolphin…I “Mom?” I said length mirror, feet- jumped up in an instant was everything. I shakily the terror err—paws padding and landed on the woke up and looked showing in my voice. down to make sure. squirming white mouse. I “Yeah, honey?” silently. bent forward for the And boy! Did I get I looked in the “I threw up.” killing bite…NO! I the shock of my life! I mirror and meowed She was up- backed away in horror— was a cat. Then sud- with surprise/horror/ denly a rabbit, a stairs in an instant. fully in control. The cat’s delight. I WAS A She soothed me like instincts had taken over, mouse, a tiger, a dog, CAT!!! My name was all mothers and told and I had almost eaten an octopus, a parrot… Echo. I knew this be- me to lie down while a…mouse. Gross! I screamed with my cause I was my cat. I robin’s mouth but only she went to call the It was still guess I can’t just a bird’s song came out. school. She shut the cowering in fear. I make a cat. I have to I thought human… hu- door behind her, and I steal the body of one. picked it up gingerly by man… and I was back saw my reflection. My Then I realized how the tail with my teeth to me. I lay back down long caramel-colored amazing it was. I could and carried it out of my trembling with fear. hair was tangled and smell everything. It was just a dream… matted, and my smoky room, out the cat door, Every thing in my just a dream… and green-grey eyes were and let it go. room was clear; it was with that thought I bloodshot and fright- like I was blind as a went to sleep. ened. “Aleeya! I called human. The liquid mus- the school. You’re I woke up in cles of the cat rippled staying home but I’m the morning myself when I moved under sorry, I have to go to but still didn’t feel the grey coat, and my work!” she called up right. I shrugged it violet eyes darted at the stairs. off as worry from my every movement. dream and got out of As soon as my Then I felt a my warm bed. The mom left, I was fine. presence in my mind. I movement hurt! I dou- I mean literally. As tried to figure out bled over and as soon soon as she shut the what it was and as I as the pain had come, door—Poof! All bet- was searching some- it was gone. I ter! I really didn’t
  4. 4. Spartan Insider page 4 New and Old Students The title new Abishek grade is a breeze. She and old students Arokiadoss: hates homework means I will be inter- though. He thinks eighth viewing both eighth grade is challeng- SEE YA NEXT MONTH! graders and fifth ing , but worth it in graders. I will get the long run. He also their points of view states Mr. Halacy is of their grade and an awesome teacher tell you all about it. and one of the best. This year we FIFTH GRADERS! have all new eighth graders, and I bet The first newbie I in- they are thrilled terviewed was about it. In this arti- named Jessica Rice: cle, I will tell you all She likes her teach- about the interviews ers, but she doesn’t I set up with a few like the switching eighth graders tell- around. Although ing how they feel she said that she about being the old- thinks it is way eas- est students, and the ier than 4th grade. highest grade in the Cassie Snay: school. Cassie believes that EIGHTH GRADERS! 5th grade is really Brianna Doherty: easy, and she would defiinitely rather be She thinks that being here than Taft. If she in eighth grade is could change one great. She states that thing about 5th being in the top is grade, she would cool, but when she make it later. gets into the ninth grade, she feels she Alese Cone: will be at the bottom This fifth grader of the grades again. thinks that fifth
  5. 5. Spartan Insider page 5 Horoscope Fun and Games Capricorn (December 22 to January 19): This month you must do at least M N H X E I F L I C N E P G V E I P H S one nice thing for an enemy, or else there will be serious consequences. A X E M D O S K P B K F R I G A R T D F Aquarius (January 20 to February 18): This month there will be a sudden gain T W X P L Q A O O E N G L I S H B O O K in finances, if you earn it. Pisces (February 19 to March 20): This H V L D S I B L A T B O T D J N Q F I L month you will get a big surprise, but watch out if it’s good or bad, that’s for you to find out. B V E R V J C G J E O F T T U U U P O P Aries (March 21 to April 19): This month you will get a random act of O R D D H R H Y K X G K F E H U X R D Y kindness from someone very unex- pected, but be careful if you are mean O U F D F D X G U A U G Z Y B Q A C Q S or rude to this person you will ruin it. Taurus (April 20 to May 20): This month your best friend will do some- K S L U A S L I C N E P D E R O L C L L thing to aggravate you, but do not overreact because you will regret it. O R A J T K F Z R Q V O B N L E O F J E Gemini (May 21 to June 20): Great luck will come to you when you least E N H W C G B F L F F N D I P N Z K U W expect it. Cancer (June 21 to July 22): Somebody you have been crushing on will now Colored Pencils Folder Notebook Pencil fall in love with you, but you must let it happen on its own. English Book Pen Math Book Leo (July 23 to August 22): Do you regret anything that you wish you could do over? Well, try to fix that, or else you will never have another chance. Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Close your eyes imagine something that you’ve wanted for years. This month you’ll get just that when you earn it. Libra (September 23 to October 22): Crushes are everywhere so don’t forget to look for them in the classroom, in your neighborhood, and through you friends. With so many sparks flying this just isn’t the month to blink. You might miss it. Scorpio (October 23 to November21): It may seem like no one has anything nice to say, but it’s just the nature of the stars this month, between friends teachers and relatives. Stress could rise, ride out the storm-next month will be better. Sagittarius (November 22 to Decem- ber 21): This month brings new energy so get out there and get active, you don’t need to join a team to get into the swing of things. Try biking roller- blading or just walking around with some of your best friends.
  6. 6. Spartan Insider page 6 Art and Comics
  7. 7. Spartan Insider page 7 How To Of the Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ninja Edition, Volume 1 How to make a ninja star Step 1: Get two Step 7: Fold the pieces of paper pieces of paper in ( the easiest way half. You should to do this is to now have a paral- cut a piece of pa- lelogram. per the long way). Step 8: Turn one Step 2: Fold the piece over and pieces of paper in partially unfold Step 10: half the long way. the last step so Flip over paper you have two and repeat last Step 3: Fold the points facing up- step. short way for wards on one both papers, then piece and down unfold. Then... on the other. Step 4 : Fold the Then cross them Enjoy! paper diagonally over. up to the crease Step 9: on both sides. Fold a point from Step 5: Do the the bottom piece same with the across the top. other piece of pa- Tuck it into the per but fold it in a pocket in the mid- mirror image. dle of the top one. Do the same Step 6: Now fold with the other the outside edges bottom point. in to form a trian- gles.
  8. 8. Spartan Insider page 8 Fun Websites by Olivia Caldwell I recommend these fun websites be- cause my friends and I are always talking about them. Today, while babysitting a 3-year-old boy that I frequently watch, he took my hand, looked up at me, and said, "I love you more than chocolate milk and jelly beans!" It made my day. MLIA Books You May like One book series people seem to love is called Warriors by Erin Hunter. It’s all about the four cat clans, Thunderclan which is the clan in which you will read about, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan A brief description of each clan: Thunderclan :The main clan in which you will read about. Riverclan :the clan that is best in the water. . Windclan : a fast group of cats that can speed through the tall grass area of their land. Shadowclan : the bad clan always starting fights and causing wars. Enjoy! Olivia Caldwell