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Social Media Trends : 3rd July - 9th July


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We tracked what trended daily on twitter during the span of a week and this is what we came up with.

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Social Media Trends : 3rd July - 9th July

  1. 1. Trends That Ruled Social Media World Data Period 3rd July to 9th July 2015
  2. 2. Daily Trends 3rd July 2015 #DigitalIndia How much noise did #DigitalIndia actually make on social media?
  3. 3. Daily Trends 6th July 2015 2015 Coke Zero 400 Sprint Cup Series No sleep, loud music, pyrotechnics, #CokeZero400, what were people talking about #NASCAR on social media?
  4. 4. Daily Trends 6th July 2015 #TrueDetective #TrueDetective was the talk of the town...Err, globe rather :-)
  5. 5. Daily Trends 7th July 2015 Happy Birthday Dhoni MS Dhoni turns 34
  6. 6. Daily Trends 7th July 2015 #SundayTrading #SundayTrading Is this a step in the right direction in order to boost the economy?
  7. 7. Daily Trends 8th July 2015 #HunterPence #HunterPence played a big part in the amazing #SFGiants comeback #Differencemaker
  8. 8. Daily Trends 9th July 2015 #FanApril15 Graffiti at #Mannat ?? mystery solved #FanApril15 #moviepromotion
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