Cara German- Portfolio 2010


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Interior Design Portfolio including work from my Junior and Senior year.

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Cara German- Portfolio 2010

  1. 1. I am currently a graduating senior in the four “The most year CIDA accredited interior design program at pathetic person in Winthrop University. I enjoy space planning, the world is working in AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, someone who has designing healthcare facilities and event planning. At Winthrop I have served as a member sight, but has no of the Winthrop's Chapter of Interior Design vision.” Organization and International Interior Design Association (IIDA) for the past three years. These ~Helen Keller two organizations have given me the opportunity to participate in events such as IIDA’s Mentoring Week, IIDA’s Charlotte Center Extreme Makeover, IIDA’s Annual Meeting and Trade Show 2009, IIDA’s Design Days, Wells Fargo Cultural Campus Crawl, and win a trip to NeoCon 2010! In my four years at Winthrop I have also had the privilege to serve as the Xi Beta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.’s National Pan Hellenic Council (NPHC) Officer, NPHC’s Activities Chair, Winthrop’s Chapter of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Second Vice President, and as SC State’s Youth NAACP State Convention Chair . I have served these organizations for the last two years and I look forward to continuing my service following graduation. Currently I am looking forward to career in commercial design, primarily healthcare and corporate design, but I am ready and eager to learn more about all that the design world has to offer . Vision Beyond Measure
  2. 2. T of Contents able 1. Current Project: Senior Thesis- Asthma and Allergy Clinic 2. Chicago, IL American Bar and Grill 3. Noda- Charlotte, NC Art Gallery 4. London Corporate Office Headquarters 5. Kahuku, Honolulu Retail Surf Shop 6. Graphic Design Project Examples
  3. 3. Current Project Senior Thesis- lst Floor Asthma and Allergy Specialists of Baxter Village Asthma and Allergy Specialists of Baxter Village specializes in children and elderly care and is located in the Fort Mill area, in the Baxter Village Community. This clinic will include specialists such as Allergists and Pulmonologists. This medical facility will conveniently service the medical needs of residents of three generational homes, Baxter Village and Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Pineville residents who seek specialized health care. This space will incorporate contemporary sleek design while keeping the space warm and welcoming. Baxter village colors of burnt orange, warm greens and tans will be used in the space to help integrate it into the community. The environment will not only be incorporated in the facility through green design, but by bringing the outdoors in. Many of the patients The first floor includes all the public areas. The Waiting will not have the pleasure of Area includes a Children’s Activity Area that is enjoying the outdoors due to asthma interactive and visually stimulating. The central hub for this and allergies, so this space will incorporate the positive elements of clinic is the Reception, Check-Out and Nurse Station. the nature without the negative and This design allows employees to work cohesively with ease. harmful aspects.; this will in turn The secondary work area includes the L Drug Closet ab, provide visitors an opportunity to escape. and V accine Room which are also interconnected.
  4. 4. Exterior Elevations 2nd Floor Interior Signage Exterior The second floor includes the private employee spaces and the Signage semi-public spaces. There are 5 private offices, a Public Work Area, Vestibule, Conference,/Library Room and Private Lounge/ Break Room. By incorporate numerous areas for employees to collaborate and receive training this work environment becomes one ideal for employee growth . The second floor bathrooms also include showers and lockers to encourage alternative transportation among employees.
  5. 5. Thought Process Sketches Originally in this process I looked to nature for inspiration and I Asthma and Allergy Specialists of Baxter Village was inspired by the nautical shell and it’s spiral formation. a centrally located core was vital. Once I began developing the concept of the clinic, drawing sketches and searching for materials I found the Oak tree and water to be truly inspiring. this led to the concept of bringing the outdoors in for patients who generally can’t enjoy nature.
  6. 6. Material Selection Examples Furniture Examples Upholstery Examples Asthma and Allergy Specialists of Baxter Village Carpet Selections Wallcovering Countertops 3-Form
  7. 7. Cologne, Germany Fire Station Inspiration Berlin, Germany Fire Station Chicago, IL American Bar and Grill - Headquarters Headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. The American cuisine restaurant is inspired by both traditional and modern design. Elements from traditional and modern fire stations located all over the world are incorporated in the space. This open multipurpose restaurant has incorporated group seating, a dance floor, stage, couples seating, a large bar and a private lounge area located on the second floor.
  8. 8. Thought Process When designing the floor plan I had to first develop lst Floor the concept of Headquarters and who they were as a company. Headquarters- Chicago, Ill American Bar and Grill Headquarters is a place that gives the young consumer a place to enjoy a night out no matter the type of environment they prefer. The down stairs has group areas along with private and intimate couple seating. The second floor lounge offers a laid back atmosphere conducive to small and intimate group gatherings. Floor Plan 2nd Floor
  9. 9. lst Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan 2nd Floor Headquarters- Chicago, Ill American Bar and Grill
  10. 10. A Headquarters- Chicago, Ill American Bar and Grill A. Entry Host Stand B. Dance Floor /Stage C. Bar B C A
  11. 11. Noda- Charlotte, NC Art Gallery- Mod 5 Floor Plan Mod 5 is located in Charlotte, NC Configuration 2 in the art district, Noda. This retail space functions as a gallery during the day and as a social attraction at night. The multi function space sets itself apart from the large selections of galleries in the area by being multifunctional. The nature inspired design also gives the gallery a identify of it’s own. This design includes two configurations showing the day time functions and night time functions of the gallery. Configuration 1
  12. 12. Mod 5 – Noda-Charlotte, NC Art Gallery B A C L Development ogo A. Configuration 2 B. Configuration 1 Mod5 was developed to be an art gallery that has an C. Material Samples. identity of its own, but does not distract from the art that would be featured in the facility. The logo was inspired by the lime green tree that serves as a focal point and place to hang handmade jewelry. Like the logo, Mod5 is entwined in the Noda Community
  13. 13. This space has been designed to have spacious circulation throughout, encourage collaboration and a positive work environment. Red Bull is a company that encourages autonomy among their employees, so it was necessary to include stimulating visuals in order to encourage creative problem Floor Plan solving. London Corporate Office Headquarters – Red Bull Red Bull’s new London office is a uniquely design space. Red Bull is a company that does much more than energy drinks. This office is design to be nonconventional but still functional, to include the extreme sports side of Red Bull and stimulate creativity. This space has been designed to house six executives, twenty-one general staff employees, a large reception/waiting area, conference room, brainstorming area for group meetings and a “Heads Down Area” for individual work time free of distractions.
  14. 14. Reflected Ceiling Plan Executive Corridor Red Bull- London Corporate Office Headquarters
  15. 15. Samples Material Reception Red Bull- London Corporate Office Headquarters
  16. 16. Material Samples Open Work Area Red Bull- London Corporate Office Headquarters
  17. 17. Axonometric Kahuku, Honolulu Retail Surf Shop – Slide Slide is a retail surf shop located in Kahuku , Honolulu. Though a small space, the shop was designed to function as a retails space and surfboard rental shop. In the main area of the retail space a custom cash wrap and custom display shelving units are featured, along with a logo wall. In the secondary area the garage has been converted into the surfboard rental shop. By placing the surfboard rental in this vicinity, customer have the convenience of walking up from the beach to place rental orders. This space was designed to include vibrate colors to mimic the lively atmosphere of Honolulu.
  18. 18. , Cash Wrap Millwork Slide- Kahuku, Honolulu Retail Surf Shop
  19. 19. Exterior Perspective Interior Perspectives Slide- Kahuku, Honolulu Retail Surf Shop
  20. 20. Graphic Design Project Examples Post Cards This project required designing three post cards that had one common theme directed to three different demographics. The post cards were designed in the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs. For my concept I decided to have the Mary Kay Consultant- Demographic: Women- 18-28yrs. old blanketed theme of “Selling Yourself.” As a graduating senior I feel that is pertinent for me to brand and market myself. I currently participate in three professions and I chose to “sell myself” as a Mary Kay Consultant, an Interior Designer and an Event Planner. Interior Designer- Demographic: Design Professionals
  21. 21. Event Planner- Demographic: Renaissance Women ourself” - Graphic Design Project Examples Contact Information: 843.442.8695 “Sell Y Vision Beyond Measure