Google Hacking


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Article written by Gerard Sylvester for SAMACHAR

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Google Hacking

  1. 1. tech navigator Hacking G OOGLE IS INFINITE. The Internet inurl : inurl:India would list pages that can theoretically grow forever, and contains the word India in the URL or Google will forever index its infinite webaddress growth’ reads a comment on the web. Needless to say, Google has become a intrinsic part of site : ganguly would show all our online journey. From students to references to the word Ganguly within the professionals rely on the power of google website. indexes everyday to gain access to the wealth of information available on servers all across the filetype : filetype:pdf receipe would retrieve By Gerard Sylvester pages with the words receipe in them and with globe. filetype as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat’s portable Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the document format). You could replace pdf with year 1973, Google has become a brand in itself jpg or bmp to retrieve pictures or with doc to with its innovative products and technologies get word documents. Yes, avi, mpeg, mpg or providing for most of our online needs. With mp3 would retrieve video and audio files. Try its headquarters in Mountain View, California type:mp3 jennifer lopez (you could also use it has a massive infrastructure hosting one of type instead of filetype) the largest and powerful grid computing systems in the world. With more than a dozen More at data centers in places like Dublin, Ireland; operators.html Students and professionals Virginia; and in California and Atlanta, Dalles, Ore etc., by having such a geographically Tip 2: Boolean Operators rely on the power of distributed data center, google is able to deliver much faster than its competitors. google indexes everyday You could also combine queries using boolean operators (these are operators that are used to to gain access to the Well, now that you learnt some facts about your favorite search engine, lets see if you do represent natural language terms like AND, OR, NOT etc.,) wealth of information really know how to squeeze the juice out of google while using it to search for information. Google ignores common terms while it does available on servers all These tips/tricks and operators are used in searches, example a search for Star Wars Episode combination with your regular search term. across the globe. I will ignore I. Hence to force google to include a term in its search query use the + operator. Example: Googling for Star Wars Episode +I Tip 1: Advance Operators will now run return results with Star Wars Episode I. Google advanced operators help refine searches they are included as part of a standard Google To make google search not only for the terms query. you have entered but also for its synonyms, place a tilde sign ~ sign (~ is normally the key intitle : intitle:Samachar would return just before the 1 on your keyboard, hold the webpages that contains the word Samachar in shift key) immediately infront of your search the title term.. Page 68 SAMACHAR September-October 2007 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer - Trial ::
  2. 2. tech navigator Example: ~fun will return results that contains mentioned range. You would be surprised to fun, humor, jokes etc., see how many merchants are careless with the credit card numbers of their customers. (This The OR operator allows you to search for query looks to have been blocked for the occurrences of either of two search words. while) Example: tour baguio OR palawan will give tours that are available in either baguio or palawan. More powerful and much more evil queries are used by hackers to do reconnaissance to check The AND operator forces google to search for for websites with security flaws. If a website pages that contain both the search terms. administrator is not aware of the google style Example: subic AND snorkeling will fetch of indexing then he might be exposing content information on snorkeling in the subic. to the world that he might otherwise not want to. Administrators could stop google from The – operator filters out searches by removing crawling certain parts of their website by using the terms that follow the – sign. Example: Hack 1: Try ext:pdf confidential “for internal a file called as robots.txt which list the directories aishwarya –rai will filter out all instances of use only” will retrieve results that contains PDF that google should refrain from crawling. aishwarya rai from your search result. files that were supposed to be confidential and marked “for internal use only”. Now that I do have my own domain at More at for many more such refinesearch.html Hack 2: Try ext:xls buget site:mil will retrieve articles, tips n tricks and know-hows. Wish results from military websites (.mil domain you all a safe and happy diwali! referes to military websites) that talks about Tip 3: Range Operator budget and is of type excel spreadsheet. Happy Googling! Google also allows you to run a search based Hack 3: Try index of +mp3 +shakira will on a number range. Example: camera present you with the root index of some $1000..$3000 will list webpage which talks websites that hosts mp3 files of shakira. about cameras in the range of 1000 $ to 3000 $. Hack 4: Try VISA Gerard Sylvester can be reached at Enough of such innocuous operators; lets try 4060000000000000..4060999999999999 used something more sinister with google. to list VISA credit card numbers within that